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FREE Colorful Spice Labels

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I am a spice MANIAC! I mean I love spices and use them a lot in my recipes. I have a pretty small kitchen but it is very well organized. There was one thing missing though.. my spices were kept randomly in small jars and I didn’t like that at all. So today I made these lovely spice lables which I’m giving you for FREE!

The printables for these spice labels are in PDF format – to be printed on A4 paper. Each spice label is 3 cm (1.18 inches) in diameter.  You can print these on clear label sheets, vinyl or full sheet white sticker paper as many times you want but only for personal use.

Looking forward to reading your comments :)

Free Spice Labels Download

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  1. Hi there,
    great looking spice labels!
    thanks so much for providing the pdf, much appreciated :)

  2. Love the style, the pretty colors, the font…you have a great “eye” and I would love to see anything else that you do! Maybe some recipe book labels? We are always looking for new recipes, and find and print so many that we would love to try that we end up creating pages for new recipe books! LOVE your work…will be back to see what else you have going on! ;)

  3. I would love to have these. I just bought some little containers at the dollar Tree and I think these labels will be great!

  4. I would looove to have these printable spice labels they are beautiful!!!

  5. I just discovered your site today and I am loving exploring it…I am open to anything :)

  6. WANT! Great website Gourmandelle!

  7. They’re beautifull, I was thinking about an e-book with your amazing recipes too.

  8. These are great! Well.. I think maybe some ebooks?

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