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Lasagna vegetariana | Delicious Vegan Whole Wheat Lasagna with Mushrooms

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Delicious Vegan Whole Wheat Lasagna with Mushrooms

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This dish is one of my favorites so far. I didn’t think it will be so good but trust me it’s even better than the original meat lasagna.

The wonderful thing about using mushrooms for lasagna is that mushrooms provide a richness and meaty texture that makes most people not miss the meat at all.

I substituted the shredded cheese on top that is usually sprinkled over lasagna with a lovely flavorful tomato and basil sauce. The combination is awesome and you won’t miss the cheesy texture. Of course, if you have some vegan cheese you can use it but unfortunately it can’t be found here.

You definitely must try this! You’ll love it !

Ingredients for one 8×12 casserole dish:

  • whole wheat lasagna noodles, cooked slightly (I used lasagna noodles that don’t need to be boiled first)
  • 500g portobello mushrooms
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 big onions
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 100g textured soy protein, granulated
  • ground pepper, to taste
  • sea salt, to taste
  • 2 tsp thyme
  • 1 tbsp unrefined oil


  • 1 400g can peeled tomatoes
  • fresh or dry basil, to taste

Delicious Vegan Whole Wheat Lasagna with Mushrooms Bite


Grind the carrot, mushrooms, onions and pepper using your food grinder.

Put the mixture in a large bowl and add soy, thyme, sea salt and pepper.

Heat oil in a large pan. Add mixture and sauté for 5 minutes.

Preheat oven to 375° F.

Put some parchment paper on the bottom of the tray to avoid sticking and using any extra oil.

Assemble the lasagna. Lay down one layer of noodles. Use a spatula to spread 1/2 of the mushroom mixture. Lay down a second layer of noodles. Spread rest of mixture. Lay down last layer of noodles.

Cover casserole with some aluminum foil. It will cook faster.

Bake for about 40 minutes.

Remove from oven and let sit for about 10 minutes.

Add peeled tomatoes and basil in your food processor and blend. Pour sauce on top of lasagna.

Serve warm.


Delicious Vegan Whole Wheat Lasagna with Mushrooms Healthy

Asta este una dintre retetele mele preferate. Mama a fost cea care a venit cu ideea minunata de a face o lasagna vegetariana. Va fi cu siguranta si pe placul celor care nu sunt vegetarieni, reteta concurand cu lasagna clasica cu carne.

Ciupercile ii dau o textura carnoasa delicioasa, si sunt secretul pentru o lasagna vegetariana reusita! Am inlocuit branza rasa de pe deasupra cu un sos de rosii gustos, cu busuioc. O sa va placa!

Trebuie sa incerci aceasta reteta de lasagna vegetariana, va deveni si preferata ta cu siguranta!

Lasagna vegetariana

Ingrediente pentru o tava de lasagna vegetariana:

  • foi de lasagna care nu necesita fierbere – am folosit foi intergrale de lasagna
  • 500g ciuperci
  • 1 morcov
  • 2 cepe mari
  • 1 ardei gras rosu
  • 100g texturat de soia, granule
  • piper si sare dupa gust
  • 2 lg cimbru uscat
  • 1 Lg ulei


  • 1 conserva de rosii maruntite si decojite (da sunt lenesa si am folosit conserva :) )
  • busuioc proaspat sau uscat

Delicious Vegan Whole Wheat Lasagna with Mushrooms Bite


Ai nevoie de masina de tocat. Se toaca morcovul, ciupercile, ceapa si ardeiul gras.

Se pune amestecul intr-un bol mare si se adauga soia, cimbru, sare si piper.

Se incalzeste putin ulei intr-o tigaie si se aduga compozitia.

Se soteaza 5 minute.

Se preincalzeste cuptorul la 200C.

Se pune folie de copt intr-o tava.


Se pune primul strat de foi. Folosind o spatula se intinde jumatate din compozitie, Se adauga al doilea strat si se intinde si restul de compozitie. Se pune la final ultimul strat de foi de lasagna.

Sfat: Acoperiti tava cu folie de aluminiu pentru a se face mai rapid.

Se lasa la cuptor 40 de minute.

Inainte de a o servi se lasa la racit un pic, macar 10 minute.

Pentru sos:

Se adauga rosiile in blender si se pulseaza de vreo doua ori. Se amesteca cu busuioc dupa gust si se toarna peste lasagna.


Delicious Vegan Whole Wheat Lasagna with Mushrooms Healthy

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  1. Buna,

    Sosul se pune peste lasagna dupa ce se scoate de la cuptor? Daca da, pot trage foile de lasagna suficienta apa din legume pentru a se coace fara a se usca, respectiv fara sa iasa lasagna prea fada?


    • Buna Carmen! Sosul se pune dupa. Cel mai bine e sa il pui cu vreo 10 minute inainte de a scoate lasagna din cuptor, ca sa fie si el cald. Foile de lasagna vor fi gatite perfect. In niciun caz nu vor fi uscate. Ciupercile isi mai lasa si ele lichid, plus ca daca acoperi tava cu o folie de aluminiu se vor inmuia si de la aburi. Am facut reteta de o gramada de ori, deci te asigur ca o sa iasa ok :D Abia astept sa imi spui cum ti-a iesit si daca ti-a placut :D

  2. Nice work, regards

  3. This is one awesome lasagna recipe!

  4. Hello. This looks quite good

  5. Hi I think that your blog is quite nice!

  6. Thank you Dawn!
    You can double the quantity for mushrooms. The texture and taste will be pretty much the same :)

  7. Is there a substitute for the textured soy protien by chance?

    This looks amazing!

  8. @Camelia: Thank you very much for the invite! I will add my blog soon!

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  10. I haven't had lasagna in a very long time and your pictures are causing me this huuuge craving:( I need to make some soon. I love the idea of mushroom lasagna. Great recipe! PS Thank you for your recent visit;)

  11. I haven't had lasagna in a very long time and your pictures are causing me this huuuge craving:( I need to make some soon. I love the idea of mushroom lasagna. Great recipe! PS Thank you for your recent visit;)

  12. @MyFudo: Thanks! I'm really glad you like it :)

  13. Thank you David! If you have some tips for me I am open to suggestions :)

  14. Very nice, with some improvement on your recipe can be outstanding.

  15. I am not totally vegan but i can appreciate vegan dishes every now and again. I am amazed at how creative your dish is, I bet I wont be missing out on the meat flavor in this lasagna. Thanks for sharing. I am trying this out!

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  18. @Ashley Yes I used TVP granules. I didn't boil them first because they will absorb all excess liquid from the mushrooms. See the ingredients – 100g textured soy protein, granulated. I added them in the filling and then assembled the lasagna.

  19. Thank you Brittany! That's a great diet tip. Mushrooms are also high in proteins so in my opinion they're the best substitute for meat.

  20. Did you use TVP or something similar to “tofu crumbles”? If I'm using TVP, should it go into the lasagna before of after its been reconstituted?

  21. This looks absolutely delicious! I often use meaty portabellas in my lasagnas and pasta dishes instead of ground meat. You save on calories and fat, but don't compromise on the flavour ;)
    - Brittany

  22. @Vegaia Thank you very much! Those videos are really interesting!

  23. There are many reasons to choose a vegan lifestyle. Here are two uplifting videos to help everyone understand why so many people are making this life-altering choice: and

  24. Beautiful! I really need to try making a lasagna some time.

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