New Year. New Beginnings. Different Country. | Moving to Italy

moving to italy

Long time no see! Sorry for the long break, but a lot of things have happened these past few weeks.

2017 started with a huge change – moving to another country for the next 6 months! I will move to Milan, Italy, with my boyfriend who was accepted in an Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. This opportunity made me realize how amazing it is to not be stuck in an office and be able to work from any part of the globe! 😀

Why am I telling you about this? Because I need your help! I was thinking about adding a Travel section to my blog, and I need your opinion. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • The Travel section will be focused mostly on food. I will talk about the best places to eat, restaurant reviews, best markets to visit, tips from locals, events, and more.
  • I will create some useful travel guides. Ex: The Vegan’s Guide To Eating In Milan.
  • I will create an interactive map with all the best places to visit.
  • Videos and local recipes – veganized
  • …and more.

What do you think about this? Would you like to see some food&travel posts in the future? Let me know!

Also, if you’re reading this and you live in Milan or Italy, drop me a message! Maybe we’ll meet for an aperitivo while I’m there!

P.S. I hope 2017 will be a wonderful year for you – the year when you’ll accomplish everything you want, the year of happiness, health, and love. Wish you all the best!

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I’m Ruxandra Micu, a food blogger with extensive experience in online marketing and design. I’m passionate about cooking, nutrition, and helping businesses grow. I want to help people live a healthier life and to teach them the benefits of a clean, vegetarian diet. Need online marketing services and want me to help you grow your blog/business? Check out my portfolio > < and contact me!

58 Comments on “New Year. New Beginnings. Different Country. | Moving to Italy”

  1. I think it is an excellent idea. Maybe you could make the travel section interactive, so that if your readers had a particularly good, or poor, experience somewhere they could share it.

  2. Looking forward to reading the outcomes of your journeys. When in the Chianti region, try the olive oil of Casa Emma. And keep an eye out for Cavallucci cookies which bear my name.

  3. Wish you the best in Italy! Please stay in touch. Love all of your healthy recipes, etc! Take good care❤️

  4. excellent idea!!!
    wishing you all the best and have a great time, together with your boyfriend!


  5. Eat at different places and then try to recreate your favorites for us! Enjoy your stay and have a great 2017!

  6. Great idea!!! ?? I am vegan and so when I travel to Milan I will have some guidance on how to find good quality nutritional food.
    Go for it!

  7. It is a great idea Ruxandra! I will be very interested in reading it. I wish we could go back in time and have this section of your blog on 6 years ago when I visited Milan, I imagine the information from you would have been useful 🙂 .
    All the best to you and your boyfriend. You will love it there!

  8. Oh, yes please – that is my dream too! I look forward to trying the places you recommend when I visit Italy. It will happen! All the best wishes for fun, new adventures and a fulfilling journey .

    1. Thank you, Sharyn! Oh… I’m so excited about this! I hope I will be able to do everything I planned for. It will be the best Milan travel guide ever! 😀

  9. Hì, Ruxandra
    I’m not in the member group, but I’m happy to know a girl like you, an active girl, lovely with a good heart, always to work for people especially to encourage people to become vegan . I love you.
    A senior, old lady. Wish you have a good time and enjoy .
    Much blessings too.

  10. A great idea to share with us what you will discover and taste in Italy!
    Good luck and enjoy all this Milan experience!!!

  11. I think that adding the travel guide would be a great addition to your already amazing blog. And congratulations on the new adventure may you be blessed beyond measure.

  12. La multi ani, Ruxandra! Si 2017 cu realizari frumoase!
    Ideea cu sectiunea de Travel/Food este excelenta! Felicitari! Toti avem nevoie de asemenea informatii! Te asteptam cu interes!

  13. I think it’s a great idea! I’d be very interested in reading it. It will be a great help to those of us who might visit Italy and interesting for the rest of us to read! Thanks for thinking of us ?

    1. Thank you, Sue! I’m so excited about this new Travel section and I’m glad there is a positive response to it. I have so many ideas, I can’t wait to start working on them!

  14. Felicitari si multa bafta! Ideea pentru noua sectiune suna f ok si o poti dezvolta si dupa etapa milan, cand mai mergi prin concedii, etc. Looking forward 😉

    1. Multumesc mult, Sabina! Da, asta e ideea. 🙂 Nu prea am calatorit in afara tarii pana acum, insa consider ca asta e un inceput. Chiar mi-ar placea sa creez astfel de ghiduri pentru mai multe tari. 🙂

  15. Hi Ruxandra, I don’t live in Milan, but in Ticino, in Switzerland, wich is very near to Italy. If you want some advices to eat out, a very good and healthy places are “la sana gola” and “joya” in Milan.
    Also Varese and Como (wich are both on a lake) have good places where to eat (especially Varese).
    Good luck for the new journey in Italy!

    1. Hi Elena! We are planning on visiting Switzerland as well. I’ll contact you when this happens, maybe you can give me some tips on the best places to visit and maybe we can even meet! 😀 Thank you for your suggestions! 😀

  16. Sounds awesome! I think you should just go for it!
    Tuscany is a “culinary-must” to include on your guide <3
    I too changed countries in 2016 & if you want some ideas/ activities to get you going over there and help you guys feel like home/ meet new people lemme know!
    Happy to help!

    1. Thank you, Ileana! I’ve heard about Tuscany and can’t wait to visit it! That would be great! Where are you know? Do you live in Italy?

  17. Great ideas for something that sounds great! You’re being as creative as ever! Follow your ideas and dreams! Make them happen!

    1. Multumesc mult! Cat despre retete…stiu…stiu…ma simt vinovata! Dar promit ca se va schimba asta. 😀

  18. Sigur. Si nu numai din Milan. Poate mai vizitezi si alte orase din Italia in cele 6 luni. Poate ajungi in Toscana. Ar fi minunat sa aflu mai multe despre zona aceea.

    1. Da, asa voi face! 😀 Chiar o sa vizitam mai multe orase si voi face cate un ghid pentru fiecare. La final ma gandeam sa fac un eBook mare care sa le cuprinda pe toate si sa fie pt toata Italia, cu toate locurile pe care le-am vizitat. 😀 Multumesc pentru incurajare!

  19. Sounds like a great opportunity for the both of you. Travel/Food Blog is a wonderful idea, I look forward to reading it. Good Luck and Congradulations

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