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This is a quite new section on my blog where you will find articles written by my friend Mirela Ivaz. The main goal of this section is to inform anyone about the many benefits and techniques of yoga. I like to call this section Yoga for Beginners!

The articles that you will find here will be full of useful information for anyone that wants to learn some yoga poses for beginners, how to use yoga for weight loss, the benefits of yoga and many other topics related to this subject! We will start with the basics such as the many types of yoga that exist (some examples include power yoga, restorative yoga, Iyengar yoga, pregnancy yoga and many more!), yoga positions, the different challenges you might encounter and the list doesn’t stop here.

I created this special section on my blog because I strongly believe that yoga is not only for people that are super fit or super passionate about sports. You can try yoga even if you don’t have the best physical condition because this is actually a way of training both your body and soul. If you want to begin your yoga journey but you have no idea where and how exactly to start it or if you’re already experienced in this subject but need some further reading, here is a good place to find precious information directly from a Yoga Teacher and certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor. You will also be able to read some personal stories about what is yoga, how to discover yourself through yoga, how to understand the human nature and spirit and everything else you need to know in order to achieve a complete state of harmony.

Start your yoga journey today!