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Have you just started your cooking journey and you’re wondering what are the best kitchen gadgets that you must have in your house? Are you following a vegan or vegetarian diet and you’re tired of cooking recipes that are boring and you need some good cookbooks that will provide some inspiration? Are you just looking for some cooking tips and books that you can add to your reading list? Then you are in the right place!

In this section of my blog you will find a lot of useful articles where I share with you some of my favorite vegetarian and vegan cookbooks that always come in handy, reviews for some awesome kitchen gadgets such as powerful blenders that are worth buying and even a list of motivational books that will help you improve your overall lifestyle.

There are countless food blogs on the web, but sometimes opening an exceptional vegan cookbook can be the best solution if you need some inspiration. These kinds of books are very simple, organized and they’ll provide endless vegan dishes, vegan dinners, vegetarian dishes, vegetarian appetizers, veggie meals and, of course, some tips and tricks of how to make them! I’m sure all of you have found some amazing healthy vegan recipes in cookbooks and you understand why I think every kitchen needs these types of books.

Some of the articles that you will find on this category of my blog are focused on the following subjects: cookbook review, blender review, vegan cookbooks, vegetarian cookbooks and even some motivational books that always help me.

Vegetarian food doesn’t have to be boring! Spice up your diet with some new vegetarian food recipes from my recommended cookbooks and upgrade your kitchen with some of the best gadgets out there. Enjoy!