Vegan Tapas
Here's how you can make a vegan tapas party! Discover what are some of the best tapas recipes you can make, what drinks are best suited for a Spanish tapas and how to serve them!
  • black olives, marinated with hot chili and garlic
  • Kalamata olives, marinated with fresh rosemary
  • garlic, marinated in olive oil and herbs
  • sundried tomatoes
  • mushroom empanadas (click for the recipe)
  • chickpea Spanish tortilla
  • Other ingredients for the tapas table:
  • Lemon
  • vegan yogurt dip
  • tomato chili dip
  • sliced bread
  • sliced vegan cheese
  • fresh veggies: green onions and sliced cucumbers
  • Wines for the tapas:
  • Sherri and Rioja
  1. Check out the recipes in the links mentioned in the post or above, in the ingredients.
  2. Assemble the tapas table using the rest of the suggested foods and ingredients.
  3. The Rioja wine goes well with Spanish food. It is also called winter wine, so it goes well with heavy tapas, like empanadas, cheese and tortilla.
  4. Sherri wine goes perfectly with olives, tomatoes, fresh veggies, and bread.
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