How to make gluten-free gnocchi
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Learn how to make gluten-free gnocchi using this easy, step by step method. You'll get perfect vegan gluten-free gnocchi every time!
Serves: 4+ servings
  1. Gnocchi dough:
  2. Put potatoes just as they are in a large pot. Cover them with water. Boil them for about 25 minutes,
  3. Drain potatoes and fill the pot with cold water. Peel potatoes under cold water.
  4. Grate potatoes or mash them using a potato ricer.
  5. Put grated potatoes in a large bowl and add flour.
  6. Separately, put chopped wild garlic leaves in a blender and puree them.
  7. Pour wild garlic puree in the bowl.
  8. Start mixing using a wooden spoon.
  9. When the dough starts forming, use your hands and knead for 5 more minutes.
  10. Form the gnocchi:
  11. Dust your working area with gluten-free flour. Dust your hands too.
  12. Roll the dough in the form of a bread loaf, like in image Step 1.
  13. Cut dough in 3 cm thick slices, like in Step 2.
  14. Take a dough slice and roll it into a long and thin sausage-shaped piece of dough.
  15. Slice it in small gnocchi pieces, about 2 cm long, like in image Step 3.
  16. Shape gnocchi by either using a fork or a honey dipper. Dust the fork/honey dipper in flour before using.
  17. Place gnocchi on a tray,
  18. How to cook gnocchi:
  19. Fill a large pot with water.
  20. Add salt.
  21. Bring water to a boil.
  22. Add gnocchi.
  23. When ready, they will start rising to the surface. Get them out and serve them right away with a sauce on top.
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