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Do you know what's in your fruits and veggies juices? Let's find out more about the amounts of water, calories, Read more
 Essential oils have amazing properties! I love using them in body/face creams and in homemade perfumes. Be careful though because Read more
Bad additives in your food | Aditivi nocivi din alimentatie
  One of the basic rules when you decide to start a healthy lifestyle is to know what you eat. Read more
Bee Pollen Benefits | Beneficii polen
Bees are amazing! I love everything about them. Honey, royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis, all these are heavenly gifts! Everyone Read more
Cinnamon sticks spice antioxidant
Here are some amazing benefits of cinnamon. Learn about healthy cinnamon cures and how to prepare at home some healthy Read more
meat consumption harmful effects burgers | efectele nocive ale consumului de carne
Learn why meat is bad for you and why you should avoid it. Read about the studies that link meat Read more
Milk | efectele nocive ale consumului de lapte
In this article I will give you a couple of strong, study-based reasons why milk is bad for you. Here Read more

Here you’ll find good to know tips and tricks about healthy eating, nutrition articles, everything you need to know about a vegetarian and vegan diet, and all things health-related! Hopefully, these nutrition articles will help you make the right decisions for yourself and easily integrate more healthy habits into your lifestyle! Inform yourself and discover the benefits of a plant-based diet with the help of the recipes and nutrition articles found on my blog. There are four kinds of posts on this page: nutrition articles, personal thoughts and insights, guides and cooking tips, and other. In the nutrition articles category, I will post nutrition-related posts. In the guides and cooking tips category I will post how-to cooking guides to help you become a better cook. In the personal thoughts category, I will post my vegetarian story, the changes that come into my life, and other personal insights that may be useful to you too. In the other category, I will post different articles with random subjects, articles that I think may be of interest to you. I hope these nutrition articles and guides will help you make the decision and go vegetarian. Join the club!

Elaine La Serna

Wednesday 7th of January 2015

Thank you for your amazing insights as I have been researching for quite some time on the benefits of a macrobiotic diet.


Friday 9th of January 2015

You're welcome Elaine! :) Glad I could help.