How to Make Tapas at Home

Discover what are some of the best tapas recipes you can make, what drinks are best suited for Spanish tapas and get inspired by some easy vegan tapas ideas!

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Tapas is a very popular part of Spanish cuisine. They're traditional Spanish snacks or appetizers, usually served before the main course

What are tapas?


Don’t forget to pair these delicious tapas with bread, fresh veggies and, of course, something to drink. Red wine is the ideal choice!



I also recommended some complementary ingredients, like vegan sauces, to complete the tapas menu.



Last but not least, no tapas party is complete without good friends that you can share your food with!


Are you interested in finding out more? Here are some amazing recipes you can try for the perfect tapas party!

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You definitely have to try this Spanish patatas bravas recipe! These roasted potatoes are served with tomato and garlic sauces on top and are the ultimate comfort meal!

Patatas Bravas

These vegan Spanish croquetas are the perfect appetizer for a tapas party! Make these delicious potato croquettes and serve them with some beer – perfect snack!


Make these delicious vegan empanadas and enjoy an authentic Spanish meal! They’re perfect as appetizers, for tapas and parties!


Here’s how to make the delicious Spanish potato tortilla, completely egg-free and vegan! Enjoy a scrumptious meal perfect for a tapas party!

Potato Tortilla