Gourmandelle Custom Meal Plans

Healthy eating has never been easier!

Why you should choose the Gourmandelle Meal Planner:

  • Get real, tested, delicious recipes personalized for your needs!
  • Choose from 8 types of diets and even combine them!
  • It’s allergy-friendly! Don’t worry if you suffer from food allergies or intolerances, you will get recipes personalized for your needs.
  • Get printable meal plan and grocery lists! You can also access them via the web app, from any device!
  • 24/7 email support! I will help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle!

Meal Planner Dashboard Preview

See how the dashboard looks like, in the video below. You can observe all the features the Meal Planner has to offer, as well as how to use it to its full power. For more info, contact me!

Order now!

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    100% Personalized!

    The meal plan will be personalized to fit your EXACT needs! If you have an allergy or food intolerance, don’t worry! You can still enjoy awesome meals each day! You can also choose from 8 popular diet types and even combine them (if compatible)! More diets will be added soon. The meal plan will even include your favorite foods and will eliminate all the ingredients you don’t like! You can also edit, move, and change recipes.

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    Real, Tested Recipes

    I’ve tested so many other meal planning services and got really tired of receiving just a random list of ingredients, instead of actual, real recipes. This is DIFFERENT! You will get REAL, TESTED, DELICIOUS recipes created by myself. If you like the recipes on my blog, then you’ll definitely love the meal plans too!

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    Easy Instructions and Budget-Friendly Ingredients

    No complicated or expensive recipes! All the recipes in the meal plan will be very easy to make, with step-by-step instructions and healthy, affordable ingredients.

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    Printable Meal Plan and Grocery Lists!

    You can view the meal plan by day, week, month, or custom date interval of choice. You can also print it and take it with you. The same goes for the Grocery List.

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    Nutritional Info

    Each recipe comes with nutritional info, so you can easily count calories, proteins, carbs or fats.

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    With just ~$12 per month (yearly plan) you will no longer have to worry about what to cook. No more wasting time on creating grocery lists and finding meal ideas. Save both time and money, by eliminating impulse shopping and buying only the foods you actually need!

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    UNLIMITED Email Support 24/7

    I’m here for you! This is NOT another impersonal meal panning service. If you have any questions or if I can help you with anything you struggle with, I am here FOR YOU! I will help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle in every way I can!

READ THIS BEFORE ORDERING! After payment, go to the LOGIN page and log in to see your account and meal plans. Soon after, you will receive an introductory email with the guide which shows you how to use the app. If you don’t receive the email, or if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Meal Planner Customization Options

You can choose your diet:

You can customize your meal plan depending on what diet you want to follow. You can choose from 8 types of diets, and even combine them, if compatible! The custom meal planner can also help those who want to transition to veganism, vegetarianism, or any other diet. It will make the change smooth and easy!






Raw Vegan


Clean Eating









Adapt it to your needs. Choose the food allergies / intelerances you have:

Don’t want to eat soy, gluten or dairy products anymore? No problem! You meal plan will be 100% customized based on your preferences. You can choose from 11 food intolerances / allergies, such as: corn, lactose, egg, fish, gluten, cereals, fructose, peanuts and nuts, soy, wheat and yeast.


Choose your preferences, goals, and more!

Do you have any favorite ingredients or any foods you don’t like? You can customize the meal plan based on your likes and dislikes! You can also choose a goal, such as Gain Muscle, Weight-Loss, Less Processed Foods and Eat Healthier. The recipes will be adapted to your needs.


Ready to give it a try?

How can you be sure you’ll like the recipes?

  • Check out the comments people left on my recipes and free meal plans. You’ll see they are very much appreciated.
  • My recipes have been featured on popular websites, like Dr. Axe, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, and more!
  • Thousands of people have tried the recipes from my free meal plans and loved them!
  • This is a custom meal plan, which means that the recipes will be personalized to fit your needs! Whether you have a food allergy/intolerance, or you like certain ingredients but dislike others, the meal planner will give you only the recipes suitable for you!
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Gourmandelle’s recipes have been featured on:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can follow this meal plan on any budget. All the recipes are made with budget-friendly ingredients. Don’t be fooled by people telling you eating healthy is expensive! You’ll see that it’s not! Plus, the meal plan will help you be more organized and buy only the foods you need. This prevents overbuying, and thus help you save money.
Meal planning is especially useful for people who have very tight schedules. Knowing exactly what to cook, when to cook it, helps you save precious time. You’ll also have the grocery lists created for you, so you won’t waste any more time while shopping. Plus, the recipes are easy and quick. The breakfasts are made in 5-10 minutes, lunches in 10-15 minutes and dinners in ~30 minutes. You can also make the lunches in advance, so you can take them with you at work.
I will personally make sure that you are satisfied with the meal plan. I offer 24h immediate support, which means any problem you may have will be solved within 24 hours. Also, I offer UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT 24/7. Think of me as your personal meal planning coach!
Yes! Check out the presentation video above and my Meal Planner Guide here.
You can reach me anytime by emailing ruxandra [@] gourmandelle.com
Go to the homepage. On the right side of the menu, there’s a green User icon. Hover it. Add your email and password and you will be logged in to your dashboard. You can also go to the LOGIN page


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