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vegan rice paper bacon crispy topping

Vegan Rice Paper Bacon

Here’s a crazy idea: what if I told you that you can make crunchy, textured vegan bacon at home? That’s right! Using this recipe for vegan rice paper bacon you will create the healthiest ...Read More
Mushroom Stroganoff Pasta stroganoff de ciuperci cu paste

Mushroom Stroganoff

Today I’m excited to explore a vegan alternative to a heavyweight Russian dish. Let’s enjoy a delicious mushroom stroganoff at home! So you want to make a delicious dish for dinner that can be ...Read More
vegan eggplant bacon

Vegan Eggplant Bacon

What do bacon and eggplant have in common? Oh, you’ll be surprised! Just try this recipe for vegan eggplant bacon and you’ll be amazed to discover a unique way of making vegan bacon! I ...Read More
10 Best Banana Pancakes Without Eggs

10 Best Banana Pancakes Without Eggs

This list is all about the best banana pancakes without eggs! If you want to find amazing recipes for healthy pancakes, this is the perfect place to start experimenting! Can you make pancakes without ...Read More
vegan mushroom bacon in croissant sandwich

Vegan Mushroom Bacon

Yes, you can make vegan mushroom bacon that’s actually healthy, fat-free, tastes amazing and it’s absolutely incredible in sandwiches! Check out the recipe below!  If you’re not new to vegan cooking, you will know ...Read More
vegan tofu bacon lettuce leaves

Vegan Tofu Bacon

This vegan tofu bacon recipe is perfect for BLT sandwiches! Smoky, crispy and even looks like the real deal, you should give this quick recipe a try! Vegan replacements to meat-based products are nothing ...Read More
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Free Vegetarian Family Meal Plan


Don't know what to cook today? No problem! These detailed vegetarian meal plans will help you out! They're even adapted for other specific diets, such as low fodmap, vegan, gluten-free and macrobiotic! I want the meal plans!