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corn fritters

Corn Fritters

You may already know about my love for patties and fritters, but these vegan corn fritters are truly something special! Try them the next time you’re craving a quick and easy lunch and you ...Read More
Vegan Avocado Chips recipe chipsuri de avocado

Vegan Avocado Chips

Are you dreaming of a healthy snack that you can indulge in, without feeling the usual guilt of consuming junk food? I got you – here is an awesome recipe for vegan avocado chips! ...Read More
vegan avocado brownies

Avocado Brownies

Avocado brownies – have you ever tried them? They’re simply amazing! And this recipe for vegan avocado brownies is the easiest and most delicious dessert recipe you can try today! Imagine this: a quiet ...Read More
Potato and Meatballs Casserole Vegan Caserola de chiftelute vegetale cu cartofi reteta

Potato and 'Meatballs' Casserole

Are you craving a comforting, delicious and meal-prep friendly dish? Don’t worry, I got your back with this awesome recipe for potato and meatballs casserole! Give it a try, it’s incredibly good and easy ...Read More
easy sweet potato cakes Chiftelute de cartof dulce

Sweet Potato Cakes

Who doesn’t love sweet potatoes? If you’re not a fan, then I’m sure this recipe for vegan sweet potato cakes will help you change your mind. Give it a try! Today I was in ...Read More
Cream of Avocado Soup supa de avocado

Cream of Avocado Soup

When it comes to soups, I can say that I love all types and variations. But this vegan cream of avocado soup is definitely one of my favorites out there! It’s yummy, healthy and ...Read More
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Free Vegetarian Family Meal Plan


Don't know what to cook today? No problem! These detailed vegetarian meal plans will help you out! They're even adapted for other specific diets, such as low fodmap, vegan, gluten-free and macrobiotic! I want the meal plans!