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One-Week Macrobiotic Meal Plan (Vegan) | Free Printable

Do you consider adopting a macrobiotic diet? This one-week macrobiotic meal plan (vegan) will help you! This meal plan can be easily followed by anyone. All the recipes in this macro meal plan are very easy to make and don’t require any expensive ingredients. Also, this is not a super-strict macrobiotic diet plan, perfect for beginners. The recipes follow the macrobiotic principles and they are also delicious and very nutritious! I hope you’ll like it!

This free macrobiotic meal plan was created using the Gourmandelle Meal Planner. If you need more meal planning ideas for the entire month or for another type of diet (vegan, low FODMAP, macrobiotic etc.), plus grocery lists and nutritional info, then feel free to give it a try!

What are the best features of this free macrobiotic meal plan?

  1. All recipes are super-easy to make.
  2. Breakfast takes less than 10 minutes to make.
  3. Lunches are made of quick macro snacks + easy salads and/or sandwiches. You can make the lunch ahead. Also, you can put the salads in small jars or plastic casseroles.
  4. Dinners take less than half an hour to prepare.
  5. Full meals!
  6. You get 7 breakfast, 7 lunch and 7 dinner meal ideas, that equals to 21 recipes!
  7. All of these recipes are healthy and macrobiotic!
  8. Each recipe serves 1 person.

Do you need a personalized macrobiotic meal plan?

Check out the personalized meal & workout plansI’ve created! More details about the custom meal plans – here.

Parsley Pesto Fusilli Pasta Fusilli cu Pesto de Patrunjel
Parsley Pesto Fusilli Pasta
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