Free Vegetarian Family Meal Plan | Easy, Healthy Meals Your Family Will Love!

Free Vegetarian Family Meal Plan

Are you looking for a good free vegetarian family meal plan? Do you need some inspiration for your menu planning or you just want to spice things up with your family meals? Look no further!

I hope you will enjoy this free vegetarian family meal plan that will help you be less stressed about what your family is going to eat this week. This vegetarian meal plan is created specifically for families who want to incorporate more meatless meals into their diets – you will enjoy easy and budget-friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This vegetarian family meal plan is perfect for a family of three people.

One of the worst struggles is to find the inspiration to cook the perfect recipes for your family to eat. That’s why I created this healthy eating family diet plan that you can access for free to help you find some delicious recipes. I think it’s very important to have a diet meal plan full of nutritive but budget-friendly recipes – that’s why this one-week meal planner is full of delicious but cheap family meals!

I don’t like spending much time in the kitchen and I’m sure you feel the same too. This family meal plan will help you save a lot of time and money! You can start your healthy journey with this free printable, healthy weekly vegetarian meal plan for families.

It’s time to stop worrying about what you’re going to eat! I created the meal planner app to help you! Get your personalized meal plan with delicious, healthy, and budget-friendly recipes! GET YOUR MEAL PLAN!

The meal plan was created using the Gourmandelle Custom Meal Planner. If you need more meal planning ideas for the entire month or for another type of diet (vegan, low FODMAP, macrobiotic etc), plus grocery lists and nutritional info, then feel free to give it a try!

What are the best features of this free vegetarian family meal plan?

  1. All the recipes are super easy to make.
  2. Breakfast takes less than 10 minutes to make. It’s usually made of a smoothie (kid-friendly!) and a snack.
  3. Lunches are made of quick recipes + easy salads. You can make the lunch ahead. You can put the salads in small jars or plastic casseroles.
  4. Dinners take less than half an hour to prepare.
  5. Full meals!
  6. You get 7 breakfast, 7 lunch, and 7 dinner meal ideas, that equals to 21 recipes!
  7. All of these recipes are healthy and great for feeding whole families on a budget!

Do you need a custom vegetarian family meal plan + grocery lists for a whole month or even a whole year?

This meal plan was generated using the Gourmandelle Custom Meal Planner – an app I created to help you eat awesome, healthy meals! 🙂 The custom meal planner offers lots of customization options (such as diet, food allergies and food intolerances, likes and dislikes, and more!), plus grocery lists, nutritional info/recipe and access to a web app. Order a custom meal plan here.

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