Free Raw Vegan Meal Plan | Get Healthier in Just 7 Days!

Free Raw Vegan Meal Plan

This raw vegan meal plan is the second meal plan in the collection! I promised you I will make some free vegetarian meal plans  and here they are! It was a lot of work, but I really hope these will help you plan your meals and eat healthier.

I created a new Vegetarian Meal Plans Page. On that page, you’ll find free meal plans for vegetarians and vegans or people who just want to eat better! These free vegetarian meal plans can be easily filtered by categories. Click on a category and find weekly, free vegetarian meal plans with printable PDFs or Jpegs. Some of these free vegetarian meal plans are recipe link lists and others (most of them) are printable PDFs/Jpegs, nicely structured and adapted for your needs.

This 7-days raw vegan meal plan can also be used as a detox meal plan. This raw vegan meal plan can be easily followed by anyone. I tried to add only easy recipes which don’t take too long to make, are budget-friendly and also very nutritious. You will clean your body without feeling hungry or lack the energy to do your everyday chores. Hope you’ll like it!

This raw vegan meal plan will help you get healthier in just 7 days! You will clean your body without feeling hungry or lack the energy to do your everyday chores. Hope you’ll like it!


What are the best features of this free raw vegan meal plan?

  1. All recipes are super easy to make.
  2. Breakfast takes less than 10 minutes to make. It’s usually made of a smoothie and a snack.
  3. Lunches are made of quick raw snacks + easy salads. You can make the lunch ahead. You can put the salads in small jars or plastic casseroles.
  4. Dinners take less than half an hour to prepare.
  5. Full meals!
  6. You get 7 breakfast, 7 lunch, and 7 dinner meal ideas, that equals to 21 recipes!
  7. All of these recipes are healthy and great for detox!
  8. Each recipe serves 1 person.

Download this free raw vegan meal plan:

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Need a custom raw vegan meal plan for a whole month or even a whole year?

This meal plan was generated using the Gourmandelle Custom Meal Planner app I recently launched. The custom meal planner offers lots of customization options (such as diet, allergies and intolerances, likes and dislikes, and more!), plus grocery lists, nutritional info/recipe and access to a web app. See all the features the custom meal planner has, here.

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117 Comments on “Free Raw Vegan Meal Plan | Get Healthier in Just 7 Days!”

  1. hyacinth

    I am new to the vegan diet. One year now and I am still fumbling around. The 7 days detox looks amazing. I as m ready to try.

  2. Jo

    Hi, I’ve clicked on the share link and signed up for the newsletter, but I still can’t access the meal plan. Can you please email this to me? I’m keen on trying it out! Thank you! <3

  3. julie

    Hi Ruxandra i am trying to turn vegan did well for half the year slipping back into old habits but i don’t want to that’s why i like a copy of your meal plan thank you julie

    1. Ruxandra

      Hi Julie! Just follow the instruction in the post to get the free meal plan. If you encounter any problems, just send me a message and I’ll email it to you.

  4. Bianca

    Hi there!
    The meals look great and I can’t wait to get started. One question, how many nuts (as a breakfast side dish), and raw crackers (as the lunch side dish) is a serving for one person?

    1. Ruxandra

      Hi Bianca! I usually eat about 6-10 nuts, not more. Also, I usually tend to skip the raw crackers because I’m lazy and I forget to make them :)) but when I do.. I eat about 2-3/ Hope this helps!

  5. Revati beal

    Hello I would love to try the raw detox, I submitted my email and haven’t recieved anything yet
    : /.. I have a blog as well and look forward to writing a testimonial while on the raw detox.


    Revati Beal

    1. Ruxandra

      Hi Revati! You should have received the link to the resource page twice, once when you subscribed, in the confirmation email, and the second in the Free Meal Plans newsletter. Anyway, I just sent you the link by email.

  6. Dani Gomes

    Hello, I loved your Detox plan. I am not Vegan but I Have changed my diet significantly due to health problems. So I am very interested in trying this plan to see if I can get even better. But on the plan you talk a lot about raw bread and raw crackers without showing how to make them. And I did not find the recipe in your blog either. Could you please explain more about these? Thanks, great work on the blog 😉

  7. Tina

    Am I reading this correctly, that the ingredients, as listed, are for 2 meals? Hubby and I going to try together, wasn’t sure if I needed to multiply by 2. Thanks!

    1. Ruxandra

      Hi Bonnie! You can download it instantly. Share it with one of the buttons in the rectangle inside the post and the download link will appear.

  8. Bonnie

    Really looking forward to the raw vegan 7 day detox. So much easier when its all planned for you. Thank you!

    1. Ruxandra

      Sarah, I sent you the link on email. The share MUST be done ONLY via the buttons in that rectangle inside the post. It is recommended to do this from a desktop or a laptop computer and not a mobile devices, as some errors may appear.

  9. carmen

    I went raw vegan after a 30 days water fast and felt fantastic….it helped me getting pregnant.Sadly i got pregnant and was scared to eat vegan only…probably more because of other people s sayings…Anyways I am nursing and ready to get back on track. Meal plans always help..thank you

    1. Ruxandra

      Hi Carmen!

      I’m happy to hear your getting back to veganism. I really hope the recipes in this meal plan will help you! 😀

      Wish you all the best!


  10. TanF

    Hi there – I’m looking forward to trying these recipes out but I can’t seem to print. When I download the files, they are JPEGs but with no option to print and they don’t print when I press ctrl P. How do I print them? Is there an option I am missing to download pdfs? Thanks

  11. Alice Mayer

    Hoping to get the free meal plan PDFs. Currently a vegan (but one who probably eats too much of all the wrong things) and wanting to lose weight and get healthy again! Thanks for having these PDFs available for us!

  12. Fabiola Santos

    Thank you for this, I’m vegan on the path to raw vegan, I didn’t know how to start, this was very helpful!

  13. Phoebe

    Hi gorgeous
    Thanks for this I’ve been raw till 4 vegan for 5 months now and eat one fully raw meal a week but lately I have been feeling bloated and sluggish so am wanting to do a 7 day detox needing ideas for dinner really so thank you for putting so much of your time into this free meal plan. I will download on my laptop later xx

  14. Zenia Champaneri

    Hey, I want to try out your vegan meal plan.
    How do I download the free printable version?


    1. Ruxandra

      Hi Joanne! I tried to send you an email but I think you may have written it wrong. Please send me a message via contact form if you encounter any more problems. The meal plans come as JPEGS. They can be easily printed by opening them in your image viewer and select Print. From there one you can make the settings which differ from printer to printer.

  15. peeps

    Just came across your site for the first time and I am so grateful for this lovely collection of recipes! Keep up the wonderful work, Ruxandra 😀

  16. Pingback: 10 Best Spring Detox Recipes! | Raw. Vegan. Delicious!

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