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10 Comments on “Contact”

  1. Can you please repeat that recipe for “meat”loaf? I was so excited about it
    but didn’t save it in time! And I want to compliment you on Gourmandelle! It’s fantatic!

    Joyce (an American living in Italy)

  2. Hello, Is there a sample meal plan to look at? I am very interested in the meal plan. Thank you , Mary Beth

  3. Hi! Please forgive me if this information or answer to this question is somewhere on the site, however, I wanted to know if you are working towards providing nutritional information for your recipes? You know, the information regarding calories, carbs, nutrients such as vitamins and protein etc. ? I have begun a weight-loss diet but I’ve been eating prepared food (-as healthy and whole as I can find) and I’ve had a lot of success but I want to gradually get back into preparing my own meals It’s a little difficult as I normally just cook for myself and most recipes are not practical just to make for one person If you have any resources on this please let me know-thank you so much ! ( from an American with maternal Romanian dissent [third generation 🙂 ] )

    1. Hi, Karen! 😀 I am actually considering this right now, but am not yet sure which will be the best way to do it. So you may see nutritional info for all recipes in the near future. 😀 Also, I will write a series of articles on meal prep, which I think you may find useful on your weight-loss journey!

  4. Just reading Gary’s message I would really like some ideas with regards to what would be the best things to eat, before and after training… for myself…. I am vegetarian , and making my way to being vegan…
    Plus I am trying to loose weight..

    many thanks

  5. Hello Ruxandra, My name is Gary i am a plant-based personal trainer. I was contacting you to see if you had some way that we would be able to work together to offer my clients meal plans and a way to transition to a more plant based lifestyle. If you have away that we could work together i would be more than happy to cross promote.

    Thanks for your time

    1. Hi Gary! Sure, I’m interested. Please send me an email (see contact info on my contact page) so we can discuss the details.



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