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Dairy products are both loved and hated nowadays, for very different reasons. There are people who say that dairy is harmful to the human body and there are people who simply love it and eat dairy products, milk and cheese on a daily basis. If you’re in the first category and you don’t like dairy or you simply cannot consume it, then I want to give you some inspiration for some dairy-free recipes.

In case you are struggling with a lactose allergy or sensitivity and you have to follow a lactose intolerance diet or you simply want to cut the dairy foods from your eating habits, then this section of my blog will help you by providing some healthy, quick and easy dairy-free recipes. I hope you will browse through my collection of dairy-free recipes. Most of these recipes are vegan, as this type of diet excludes dairy completely.

Some of the recipes you will find here include: dairy free desserts such as dairy-free pancakes, dairy-free ice cream, dairy-free cakes, dairy-free chocolate, main dishes such as soups, risotto, casseroles, pasta, dairy-free pizza, appetizers, vegan meat and many more!

I also have some amazing recipes for dairy-free cheese that you can try! These recipes are very easy to make and the resulted non-dairy cheese has the same texture and taste as the real thing, only it’s way healthier!

Cutting all dairy from your diet can be very hard and tedious at first, but after a couple of weeks, you will see that it will become a habit and you’ll feel much better! You don’t even have to cut it completely if you don’t need/want to – if you just want to reduce the dairy quantity from your meals, my recipes will help you too.

Having a balanced diet has never been so easy! Start your dairy-free diet today and enjoy my healthy recipes!