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Are you wondering what are the best vegetarian recipes out there that you can prepare for lunch or dinner? Do you want to change your diet by starting out with some easy vegetarian meals? If you want to switch to a vegetarian diet but you’re afraid that your meals won’t fill you up, then I’m here to provide you the perfect solution and some vegetarian food inspiration!

This section of my blog is dedicated entirely to main dishes. I invite you to browse through my collection of vegan and vegetarian main dish recipes. Most of my recent recipes are completely vegan, but you will also find some vegetarian and gluten-free diets as well, so you can use them for various types of diets. The best thing is that all these recipes can be recreated by anyone, even if they aren’t vegetarian or vegan because they’re so healthy and tasty, you won’t even miss the taste of meat!

Some of the vegetarian dishes that you can find here include: vegetarian chili recipe, vegetarian pizza, vegetarian pasta recipes, vegetarian curry, veggie burgers, vegetarian lasagne recipe, vegetarian casserole, vegetarian soup, vegetarian salad and, of course, some yummy vegan dishes!

All these veggie meals were made with healthy and budget-friendly ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen or pantry and easy cooking techniques, so they can be made by anyone, regardless of their cooking experience. Plus, they don’t require a lot of time spent in the kitchen! Some of these vegan and vegetarian main dish recipes are also macrobiotic, diet-friendly, low fat, gluten-free and raw vegan, so they will fit a wide range of diets and preferences.

If you’re up for a challenge, you should know that you will also find here some healthy vegan recipes from various international cuisines such as Asian, Middle Eastern, French, Italian and more!

I hope that next time you’re looking for some easy vegan meals or vegetarian dinner recipes, you’ll know where to come. Enjoy!