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Are you a vegan and vegetarian and you’re afraid that you won’t know where to eat healthy food when you’re traveling? Do you want to find out about good restaurants from aboard that serve vegetarian dishes or even vegan dishes? Are you on a quest of going vegan and in need of good places to eat?

As a food blogger, I’m always on the quest of finding not only good recipes for my readers but also good lifestyle advice, such as good places to eat in the places where I’m traveling.

In this section of my blog, you can find out more about my traveling journal, including some good vegan places or veggie restaurants. I currently have some articles here about traveling in Italy where I’m recommending a very good raw vegan restaurant but I also tell you about my experience with moving abroad for a limited period of time and which were my main challenges regarding my blog and eating habits. I’m planning of adding more articles here from the places and countries that I will visit in the future.

As a person who wants to keep their diet healthy and constant, it’s important to always think ahead about what you are going to eat while you’re away, so the transition will be easier for you. Vegan foods are getting more and more popular and new restaurants that have vegetarian and vegan options are opening every day. You just need to inform yourself in order to find the best ones!

In case you are passionate about travel and leisure but also about vegetarian or vegan foods, feel free to check out this section of my blog to find more updates about the places I’m visiting and the places and restaurants that I recommend! You can consider this to be a traveling guide full of recommendations that will help you keep your healthy vegetarian or vegan meal plan. I hope you’ll enjoy these articles!