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Gluten Free

I created this section of my blog specifically for people who suffer from celiac symptoms or gluten sensitivity, people who need to follow a celiac disease diet or anyone who wants to cut out the gluten foods from their meals.

For people who suffer from the celiac disease, completely eliminating gluten from their diet is their only way to life a healthy, symptom-free life! I know this can be a struggle for most people because gluten can be found in lots of foods, sauces and recipes, but with a bit of effort and perseverance, this can transform into habit and everything will become easier.

In order to help you create a stress-free, healthy gluten free diet, you will find here some yummy recipes as follows: gluten free meals such as casseroles, soups, gluten free pasta, sandwiches, gluten free snacks, gluten free dinner recipes, gluten free cookies and other healthy desserts such as gluten free pancakes, chocolate, fruit tarts and more!

You should also know that these are mostly vegan gluten free recipes but you will also find some yummy vegetarian ones that you can try. If you want to add some new, exciting recipes into your diet, I created some vegan traditional recipes from the Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern, French cuisine that are budget-friendly and delicious! These are adapted to certain diets so they have healthy ingredients and no gluten foods, in order for you to enjoy them.

With these recipes, the gluten free diet plan won’t be a struggle for you anymore! I hope you will enjoy them!