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This blog’s main goal is to help you adopt a healthy diet by providing inspiration in the form of recipes. On Gourmandelle you will find many vegetarian dinner ideas, meatless meals, healthy vegan recipes and many other tips and tricks that will make your life easier.

Besides posting lots of new recipes each month I want to help you some more by writing some dedicated articles in the form of short food guides about each cuisine I explore during the course of a year. These food guides are easy to read and will make you understand why and how each ethnic cuisine is unique and full of history and flavor. I thought this would be interesting for everybody who follows me and is interested in adopting a vegan meal plan or find out more about the best vegetarian recipes out there.

Here you will find some food guides about the Italian cuisine, French cuisine, Asian cuisine and more – all of them are full of useful information and popular recipes and will be a great source of inspiration for veggie meals. Besides, I will show you how to transform the traditional international recipes from each cuisine into the best vegan recipes out there. This will be useful for anyone who is thinking about going vegan but they’re afraid they will get bored with the basic foods and recipes.

If you want to learn some unique facts about each international cuisine including recipes, spices, cooking techniques, here is the best place to start your reading journey. You can always come back here for your daily dose of inspiration for a vegan diet plan, vegetarian dinner, vegetarian pizza or other international dishes, vegan cookbooks and many more!