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Healthy living and having a good, vegetarian diet isn’t only about eating the best foods and preparing the healthiest recipes out there. It’s also about consuming less processed foods and trying to have a better lifestyle overall, and this includes your snacks and drinks too! In case you are wondering what is the healthiest juice that you can drink, let me answer you right away: it’s the one you make at home, from fresh fruits and vegetables!

If you want to get some inspiration for some healthy drinks that you can make without much effort but with great benefits for your body, then I invite you to browse through my collection of healthy drinks recipes. Just like my recipes, all these healthy beverages are easy to make, budget-friendly and, of course, they have a great taste!

Some of the healthy drinks that you can find in this category on my blog are: nutrition drinks, healthy juices, healthy drinks for kids, fruit smoothies, fruit and vegetable juices, nut butter smoothies, green smoothies, green juices, citrus juices and even some healthy alcoholic drinks (such as vegan eggnog)! These drinks will offer you an energy boost in the morning or they can even replace some meals. If you’re on a diet, these beverages can also be used as diet drinks, in case you want to maintain a healthy weight or even shed those extra pounds. I tried to create the best healthy drinks to lose weight that I could, so you would not be deprived of beneficial nutrients if you want to follow this kind of diet.

My smoothie recipes are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and they are also raw vegan. Some of these recipes are recommended for detox diets, in case you want to cleanse your body! Check them out!