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Do you want to find out what is a vegan diet? Are you willing to add some delicious vegan foods to your daily eating habits? Do you want to take your vegetarian diet one step further and cook some yummy vegan dishes?

In case you want to spice up your boring diet food with some new and exciting recipes, you should know that I collected here some of my best vegan recipes that are fast, easy, delicious and budget-friendly! Feel free to browse through my collection of vegan recipes that anyone can try.

Some examples of recipes that you will find on my blog and will help you establish a delicious vegan meal plan are: vegan pasta, vegan meat, vegan soup recipes, vegan desserts and even some vegan breakfast ideas! Next time you want to cook a delicious vegan dinner for your family and friends, you’ll know where to come!

This is also a good spot to search for recipes that use some very good vegan protein sources and ingredients that are full of vitamins, minerals, fibers and more – this way you’ll make sure you will only have healthy and well-balanced meals without missing on any important nutrients.

As a new addition, since the beginning of 2018, I started exploring all kinds of traditional and ethnic cuisine around the world such as Asian, French, Middle Eastern, Italian, Spanish and many more! I took some of the best and most delicious traditional recipes from their cuisines and ‘veganized’ them in order to create some special finger-licking recipes that even vegans will enjoy. Plus, they’re way more healthy!

What do vegans eat? This will not be a mystery for you anymore after you will browse through my collection of recipes. Going vegan has never been easier!