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Do you want to find out what are the best foods for weight loss? Are you wondering what to eat to lose weight without starving yourself of spending a lot of money on fancy diets? Do you want to add some yummy diet meals that will help you lose weight but also feel better about yourself and your overall health?

If you’re curious which are those healthy foods that help you lose weight, then this section of my blog is the perfect place to search for the best weight loss recipes. Feel free to browse through my collection of diet-friendly recipes. I created these diet-friendly recipes in order to help you easily maintain your ideal weight or to get rid of those extra pounds. All these weight loss meals are healthy, quick, easy to make by anyone regardless if they’re an experienced cook or not and budget-friendly!

Some of the recipes that you will find in this category and that you can include into your healthy diet to lose weight are: vegan soups, vegan main dishes such as pilaf, sandwiches, healthy pasta, appetizers such as hummus or summer salads, vegan pizza, healthy vegan desserts and lots of other meatless meals that will help you create an efficient low fat diet! You will also find some ‘veganized’ versions of recipes from international cuisines such as Asian, French, Middle Eastern, Italian, Spanish and more! All these recipes are made with accessible, healthy diet foods that anyone can do!

Please note that most of these recipes can be included in a vegan diet for weight loss, but some of them are also vegetarian.

Diet food doesn’t have to be boring! Check out these recipes and start your weight loss journey today!