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4 Ways To Give Yourself A Boost This Autumn

As we ease into autumn, it can be all too easy to start to go into hibernation mode. The evenings are getting darker already and the cold and wet does nothing to tempt us to get outside. It is not surprising that so many of us feel that our health suffers over the colder months. We often put on weight as we eat more comfort food and get out less, and winter bugs abound. This is why today we want to share with you 4 ways to give yourself a boost this autumn.

Take up a new form of exercise

If you already have an exercise routine that suits you, then do keep at it. The reason that we are recommending that you take up a new form of exercise is that you are more likely to attack it with enthusiasm and stick at it for a while as ‘new’ often means more exciting.  

Perhaps the cooler crisp mornings will entice you to take up jogging each day, or perhaps look into the health benefits of yoga to tempt you to give that a go. Check in with friends and family to find out what they enjoy doing as you might find a new class or group near you that fits in perfectly with your routine. Maybe you used to love taking part in a certain sport or activity and have let it drop, well now is the time to take it up again. 

Pay attention to your diet

Now we are not suggesting that you make huge and sudden changes in your diet, as we know that this can have implications for your health. However, dropping a few high sugar foods and bringing in some energy-boosting healthier alternatives will make a welcome and safe change. 

It can be all too easy to feel sluggish during the colder months as we are likely to be indoors more often, have heating running that can dry out our skin and we are more likely to lean toward making poor food decisions. To combat this, ensure that you meal plan ahead for the week and that you do this and your shopping when you have just eaten so that your appetite is not making the decisions for you. Then aim to keep some healthy snacks to hand whilst you are working, fruit and nuts are easy to nibble on and will keep you going all day. 

Schedule in time outdoors

During the warmer months, we don’t tend to really think about how much time we are spending outside in the sunshine and fresh air, we just get out there regularly. When the sun is shining it is easy to get out and enjoy ourselves but it can be more challenging to do so in the autumn and winter. 

This being the case, we would suggest that you actually schedule in time to get outdoors. We know that it is important to get out there and spending time outside can give both our physical and mental health a boost. It can help to eliminate fatigue, reduce anxiety and stress, lower your blood pressure and it might even give your immune system a lift. 

By putting time to get outside into your diary, you are marking it as important and something that you will commit to. Turn it into a social thing if that helps you by arranging to meet up with friends for a stroll. 

Declutter and make savings 

Is there anything more likely to give you a boost than that feeling of decluttering and saving money? 

When we are surrounded by clutter it can be difficult to focus and to stay on track looking after ourselves, so take a day or two to have a clear out around your home. Clear out that one cupboard or drawer that manages to build up with various bits of paperwork coming into the house each week. Then pick up your bag and empty it out, only placing back the things that you actually need to carry around with you. 

Then take a look at your ongoing expenses each month and switch suppliers where you can. For example, you could look into SMARTY plans for your phone to keep the running costs down. You might be able to change your energy supplier or you might see ways to reduce your grocery shopping bills each month. 

Making changes like this helps you to feel more in control and you are then more likely to stick to everything else on your list. 

You should now feel energized to face those colder months. 

Image Pixabay – Pixabay License