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If you’re also interested in some smart cooking and healthy living resources that you can use in your daily life, you have come to the right place.

In this section of my blog, you will find lots of cooking tips for vegetarians or vegans! Of course, you can use any of these tips and tricks regardless of your cooking and eating habits, as these can be helpful for anyone.

I have written here articles about vegan and vegetarian cookbooks, motivational books that will help you improve your lifestyle and diet, reviews, some very good tips and tricks about how to become a vegetarian or even becoming vegan and much more!

If you are on a quest of changing your diet and life and you want to find out more about some high protein vegan foods, how to prepare veggie meals fast and easy, eating vegan on a budget, how to create the perfect veggie burger every time and many other questions and information, then this is the place to be. I gathered here my most important information about these topics and I hope these articles will help you on your journey. The mysteries of vegetarian cuisine won’t be something new for you and you will also find out how to be vegan in the best and healthiest way possible after reading my articles!

I also talk about meal plans here and why this practice of preparing all my week’s meals in advance has helped with my time and health management. This is something that I advise to each and every one because it is a real lifesaver!

Cookbooks, reviews, cooking tips and tricks, ebooks – you’ll find all of these and more here on my blog!