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Here’s How You Can Finally Convince Your Friends To Go Vegan — Without Pressuring Them

The total number of vegans in the world is approximately 79 million, as of January 2021. However, despite its popularity, many vegans may already know that trying to convince avid meat-eating friends to at least give veganism a try can be challenging to say the least. Thankfully, there are a few sure-fire ways you can open their minds to the idea — from cooking a delicious vegan dinner for them to keeping them informed in a neutral and non-persuasive way.

Host a vegan dinner

If your friends seem to be stuck on their meat-eating ways, one way to change their minds is to host a large vegan dinner, offering variety by including a few of your favorite dishes and snacks for them to try. Not only is this a great way to start the conversation about veganism, but can show them firsthand just how great vegan food can taste. One great way to pull off the perfect vegan dinner for a group of friends is by using a meal kit delivery service, which will ensure that you have the right amount of ingredients delivered straight to your door. With the best vegan meal kits, including Purple Carrot and Sun Basket, offering a diverse array of ingredients, you can ensure you’ll have dinner options that’ll not only be quick and simple to put together but will taste good enough to convince any meat-eater that veganism is worth trying out.

Be open about your own choices

As a vegan, it can seem daunting to get your friends to try veganism out without making them feel pressured to do so, which is unfortunately often the case. However, by openly talking about and explaining your own reasoning behind going vegan when they ask why, you can talk about the subject in a way that doesn’t make them feel pressured to join you. For example, should your reasoning for going vegan include the health benefits behind the diet, mentioning the fact that vegans are less likely to develop cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure than meat-eaters is a great way to inform them of just how healthy going vegan can be. Not only is this the perfect way to open their minds a bit more to the concept of veganism, but can give them your perspective in a way that seems less persuasive and more informative.

The value in offering help

Should your friend decide to try going vegan, offering to help them navigate the change can be a great way to ensure they enjoy the lifestyle, and can even help them to stick with it. This can not only be done by sharing your favorite vegan recipes and convenient meal delivery services, but also by sharing your grocery list of your favorite meat/protein alternatives, something that can be difficult to figure out as a new vegan. In turn, this can help your friend to adjust much more easily and can ensure they aren’t limiting their protein sources to just one meat alternative.

Convincing your friends to go vegan can often be a difficult challenge, and can even result in them being even less receptive to the idea than they were to begin with. However, by hosting a dinner and explaining your reasoning behind going vegan, as well as offering a helping hand, you can introduce them to the idea and inform them in a way that doesn’t pressure them at all.