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Potato an old vegetable in new recipes

Are you wondering what kind of surprise the potato can give you? The potato can be boiled it, fried or we can bake it in the oven… Then what's the novelty? Well, if you'll read these recipes with potatoes you will find that not only the method of preparation is important, but especially the combination of spices used.

Did you know that:

The Dacians didn't know the potato? It is a correct affirmation because this vegetable was introduced in Europe after the conquest of South America by the Conquistadors (1544).

There are almost 4.000 types of potatoes in the Andes. The most prevalent are the potatoes with white bark, potatoes with red peel and sweet potatoes.

Potato benefits:

The Iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium found in potatoes help us maintain a good structure and strength of bones. On the other hand, potato fibers, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6 maintain low cholesterol levels.

A large potato contains 57 grams of choline. Male adults need 550 mg and women 425 mg per day. Choline is important in the synthesis of lipids and brain development, as well as improving memory. Red potatoes contain the largest amount of vitamin A of all kinds of potatoes.

Useful tips when we want to cook potatoes:

Red potatoes are recommended in the case of recipes where they are to be fried or baked in the oven. On the other hand, white potatoes are matched in recipes that require boiling or when we want to obtain a mashed and aerated potato puree.

The recipes you'll find here will make you see the potato with new eyes. Thus you will learn to prepare the potato moussaka with lentil or sweet potato cream soup with ginger, potato croquettes, spicy Lebanese potatoes, potato tarts with cheese and paprika… And the list goes on.