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Cheese recipes – a food that creates addiction

In this chapter, you will discover wonderful cheese recipes! By reading these recipes you will learn many new things about cheese and how it can be included in a spectacular recipe.

Did you know that:

In France, a country famous for its cheeses, are there more than 400 types of cheese? This depends on each region and on how it is prepared.

Fresh cheese: this category includes ricotta cheese and mascarpone.

Soft cheese: Camembert and Brie. These cheeses have a soft but stronger crust than the creamy core.

Cheese “Pasta filata”: These cheeses are cooked, kneaded and then drawn as, for example, Mozzarella.

Hard cheese: These cheeses have low humidity. The ripening process gives them a crunchier and drier texture: Parmigiano or Gouda cheese fall into this category.

Cheese with mold: These cheeses have been injected with mold and, as a rule, they are not introduced in recipes because of the special taste they have, so they can be enjoyed with a glass of red wine.

As for the Romanian cheeses, I can say that the most famous are the telemea cheese, „burduf” cheese or the cheese in the fir tree bark.

The role of cheese in nutrition:

Cheeses have an important role in nutrition. Due to the fact that milk has high calcium content, you can prevent osteoporosis or avoid dental problems by eating cheese. In the case of underweight people, the consumption of dairy products can help them gain weight in a healthy way. A balanced diet is always beneficial for our bodies. But pay close attention to the quantity of cheese consumed. Do not exaggerate, because you must not exceed a normal weight!

What we need to know when preparing culinary recipes with cheese:

It is important to know that cheese melts at high temperatures and becomes a cream.

The cheese should be kept for at least 20 minutes in the refrigerator before being scraped. When preparing a sauce containing cheese, you must make sure the boiling temperature is not too high and constantly mix the composition because there is a risk that the sauce will cut.

In this collection, you will find recipes with salted cheese such as potato frittata, cheese, and dill, pumpkin pudding and quattro formaggi pasta. Do not hesitate to try them, but be careful that cheese is addictive!