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Christmas recipes – sweet dreams

Christmas is coming and you want to impress with a colorful and especially tasty festive meal? Don’t you worry, because in this chapter you will find all the famous Christmas recipes presented in a new, healthier form and with fewer calories.

Christmas is that holiday of the year when family and friends get together to spend happy times, and if you manage to prepare a festive meal full of dishes that will satisfy the most demanding tastes of your guests, then you will surely have an unforgettable Christmas (or I could say “brilliant” to be in tune with the spirit of the moment).

If you want the Christmas meal to be perfect from all points of view, you must be documented and carefully choose the recipes you choose to prepare and the drinks you will serve at the table. Last but not least, the dessert must be chosen with great care because it represents the unique moment when everyone present at the Christmas table will say: “Wow! It looks so good!”. And then you will know that your effort has been truly appreciated. Nothing matters in that moment except the joy you read in the glittering and eager eyes of the guests when they want to taste at least a little of the dessert prepared by you. A chocolate cake with walnuts and rum or maybe a vegan cake with cherries and chocolate can be the key to your success.

Here you will find the recipes you need for the Christmas meal, recipes that can be a good source of inspiration to you. These recipes are easy to prepare and will help you reduce the stress of preparing the festive meal.

If you will serve your guests with a fruit punch with Prosecco, Aperol, oranges, and cherries presented in this collection, then success is guaranteed!