Catina pentru cresterea imunitatii | Vitamin Bomb! Sea Buckthorn Berries

Sea Buckthorn Berries Juice Honey Teaspoon | Catina cu miere

Catina pentru cresterea imunitatii cu miere Vitamin Bomb! Sea Buckthorn Berries with Honey. Not only delicious but also an amazing imunostimulent, great for sore throat, flu and more!

Un extraordinar imunostimulent, catina este recomandata pentru cresterea imunitatii si pentru vitaminizarea organismului. In aceasta postare voi dezvalui cateva metode prin care puteti consuma catina.

Amazing immunostimulent, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Sea buckthorn berries with honey are the perfect cure for sore throat.

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You may not have heard anything about this miracle plant but you will find out now everything you need to know about it. It is a shame that sea buckthorn berries are not as famous as goji berries because basically, they are the same. Sea buckthorn berries are extremely rich in antioxidants and vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin A.

The amazing thing about this plant is that not only the berries are good for your health, you can also use its buds or its bark which have anti-inflammatory properties and also help in lowering the cholesterol level. Even more, sea buckthorn berries help you lose weight by inhibiting your appetite and in the same time fueling your body with vitamins.

Sea Buckthorn Berries

I use sea buckthorn oil as a night cream. I combined it with some almonds oil and it is doing miracles to my skin.

There are two ways I like to eat sea-buckthorn berries. I like to juice them and combine them with honey. My advice, if you have over 500g of sea buckthorn berries, is to juice some of them and drink right away, add the rest in a few jars with honey, and freeze the remaining to juice later.

Don’t forget to add some honey or any other healthy sweetener in the juice. These berries are really sour!

Sea Buckthorn Berries Juice Vitamin Bomb

Sea Buckthorn berries with honey are truly amazing when it comes to curing sore throat and flu. Really! It does miracles. It is also recommended to eat 1-2 tsp daily, each morning on empty stomach. It acts as a great immunostimulent.

So search for sea buckthorn berries at your local farmers’ market. They can be found only in this time of the year.

Have you ever heard of sea buckthorn berries? Did you use them in any way? Looking forward to your comments.

 The Great Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Berries


Sper ca ati auzit de catina pana acum, daca nu veti afla in curand :). Imi pare tare rau sa stiu ca bobitele de catina nu sunt la fel de cunoscute precum sunt deja faimoasele goji. Catina este extraordinara pentru cresterea imunitatii si este si extrem de bogata in vitamine, printre care si vitamina C si vitamina A.

Ce mi se pare extraordinar la catina este ca nu numai fructele ei au beneficii extraordinare pentru organism, ci si celelalte parti ale plantei! Mugurii si coaja de catina, au proprietati anti-inflamatoare si ajuta si la reducerea colesterolului rau din sange. Ba mai mult, fructele de catina te ajuta si sa slabesti, reducandu-ti apetitul si in acelasi timp, hranindu-ti organismul cu vitamine si antioxidanti.

Catina pentru cresterea imunitatii Sea Buckthorn Berries

Eu folosesc frecvent ulei de catina presat la rece, pe post de crema de noapte. ll combin uneori cu ulei de migdale si va zic sincer, face miracole pentru orice tip de piele!

Sunt doua feluri in care imi place sa consum catina. In primul rand imi place sa le storc si sa fac suc din ele. Sucul care reiese este foarte acru insa daca ii adaugi si niste miere, este extraordinar!

Sfatul meu este, daca aveti peste 500g de catina, sa faceti dint-o parte din cantitate suc si sa il beti pe loc, sa puneti si in cateva borcane de miere si restul sa congelati.

Catina pentru cresterea imunitatii Sea Buckthorn Berries Juice Vitamin Bomb

Catina cu miere este extraordinara pentru cresterea imunitatii, datorita continutului foarte mare de vitamina C. De asemenea, catina cu miere este un leac excelent pentru dureri de gat sau raceli. Sincer, face miracole! Este bine sa consumati macar 2 lingurite zilnic, in fiecare dimineata, pe stomacul gol. Este un imunostimulent excelent.

Ati auzit de catina? Daca da, cum o consumati? Astept cu drag comentariile voastre!

Catina pentru cresterea imunitatii cu miere The Great Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Berries

29 Comments on “Catina pentru cresterea imunitatii | Vitamin Bomb! Sea Buckthorn Berries”

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  5. Sadye

    Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article.
    I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I will definitely comeback.

  6. Roxana

    Hy! Just discovered your blog and I must admit, I am pretty amazed! A wonderful job! As for buckthorn berries, yes, they are wonderful for our health. I am eating each morning buckthorn berries with honey, lemon and a bit of ginger. Great!

    1. Gourmandelle

      Thank you Roxana! I’m really glad you like it! Love the ginger combination and I think I’m gonna try it myself :D My frozen sea buckthorn berries stock is finished and can’t wait to find them again at the farmers market :)

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  8. Corina

    These fruits are amazing! For few years I had serious problems with my throat, fever and even temporarly loss of voice.I tried all types of antibiotics and injections with no results. 2 years ago a doctor which has a lot of experience told me about the fact even she works in a hospital at the Infectious diseases while tooking a teaspoon of Sea Buckthorn Berries with Honey every day she never took any disease from the patiences she takes care for years.

    Since then I didn’t had any serious flu nor get ill! I used to prepare also tea if you dry the fruits and branches to keep over the winter.

    If you want to be sure that you will be healthy don’t hesitate to try these amazing fruits!

    1. Gourmandelle

      It’s great to find out that doctors prescribe natural remedies to their patients. Few doctors are like that.

      One of my friends caught a bad cold a couple of weeks ago. I told him not to take any meds and I treated him naturally. Sea buckthorn with honey, hot teas and inhalations with essential oils. He was as good as new after just a few days! Nature is amazing :)

  9. Mac

    My Mum used to make me drink a shot glass full of juice as a kid – without sweetener… It took me over thirty years (!) to overcome that trauma :)
    So everyone: make sure you sweeten these things!!! If you do, they have a great, unique flavour – and I can testify that my immune system is great :)
    How to get them: Here in Bavaria, but this tree is really common along rivers – so even if I’ve never seen them at a market, it just means taking a short autumn walk next to a river and I’ve got enough for the year. (Since the river paths usually are not private property anyone can take the berries.)

  10. baiba

    Great advertisement of these wonderful vitamin-packed berries!
    They are rather popular in my country (Latvia) and I guess they also grow in other northern countries. But they are eaten little because they are really sour. They are also very hard to pick because of the sharp thorns. Normally you don’t eat them fresh but you should… if you could! :)
    I make jam with these berries and it is really really delicious. Super healthy, fragrant and beautiful!

    1. Gourmandelle

      Thanks Baiba!

      Yes they’re really sour! But combined with honey they’re perfect! I never made jam but I tried a store-bought one and it was delicious! I know they’re hard to pick..that’s the reason why it’s almost a miracle when I find them at my local farmer’s market.

      Hope to find some more. I’d love to make jam too. I’ll ask you for the recipe :)

    1. Gourmandelle

      Thanks Julia! These berries are usually found in Europe but not necessarily. They usually grow spontaneous as they’re wild berries. Try looking for them online. You may not find them fresh but you can find sea buckthorn oil, syrup or dry sea buckthorn berries, which are great also!

  11. Gourmandelle

    It's great that you have a sea buckthorn tree! Sea buckthorn berries are sour but if you mix them with honey or any other natural sweetener the taste will no longer be a problem; their juice will taste like lemonade combined with orange juice, so it is quite pleasant.

  12. Toby

    I've read somewhere that the sea buckthorns are a bit tarter than goji… do you find that to be the case?..

    At any rate, its gotten me to buy my own tree…. thanks!

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