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Best Sweet Breakfast You Will Ever Make! | Healthy, Easy, Quick!

This is the best sweet breakfast you will ever make! It’s ready in 5 minutes and has everything a healthy breakfast should have! 

I am SO happy that I discovered this recipe. Well, actually I made it up because I pretty much didn’t have anything else to eat for breakfast that day. This invention turned out to be the best sweet breakfast ever!

What I love about this is that it’s incredibly delicious, like eating a fancy dessert, but it’s also healthy and has everything a breakfast should have: proteins, fibers, good carbs and healthy fats!

I used to lightly fry bananas for a while now, but never in this combo. My friends gave me the idea to saute them in some coconut oil. So, I did! I took it one step further and added a bunch of awesome goodies to it. The result = AAAMAZING!

This is ready in only 5 minutes!! All you need are some basic ingredients and you can enjoy this awesome sweet breakfast every day!

sweet breakfast

I usually make this kind of sweet breakfast 4 times per week. The other days I eat something savory, just to alternate the tastes. I also make this when I crave something sweet. It’s the perfect, healthy, quick dessert! 🙂

I LOVE the peanut butter from Solaris, a Romanian brand. They are not only 100% natural but also very budget-friendly! I have about 10 jars in my pantry right now!If you’ve never tried peanut butter in your recipes, you must! They are a healthier, tastier, and more filling alternative to regular butter. I am also really glad I discovered a new product of theirs – brown rice flakes. It is delicious and can be used in virtually any dish! You can see them sprinkled over the bananas. They add some crunch to this whole recipe.

So, here it is, my best sweet breakfast recipe! Give it a try and let me know if you love it as much as I do!

You can also try this Breakfast Kale Salad! It’s delicious!


Yield: 1

Best Sweet Breakfast You Will Ever Make!

sweet breakfast recipe vegan

This is the best sweet breakfast you will ever make! It's ready in 5 minutes and has everything a healthy breakfast should have!



  1. Heat coconut oil in a small pan.
  2. Add peeled bananas. Let them lightly fry 1 minute on each side. You can add some chopped walnuts as well.
  3. Place bananas on a plate. Sprinkle with cinnamon powder and rice flakes.
  4. Add peanut butter and dry fruits.
  5. Eat this awesomeness! 🙂

sweet breakfast recipe healthy

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