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3+ Impressive Easy Recipes for Breakfast with Friends

3+ Impressive Easy Recipes for Breakfast with Friends

Feeling uninspired when you have guests over? Here are 3+ impressive ideas for easy recipes for breakfast with friends. Or for a special brunch, why not?!

Ever since I moved outside of Bucharest, I feel like I’ve been seeing my friends WAY more often compared to the times when we were living “two steps away” from them. It may sound weird, but distance actually brought us together. 🙂

We had guests over almost every weekend since we moved, so I already gathered an impressive collection of recipes that I want to share with you today. Sadly, the food I’m preparing for them in the evening is left unphotographed. We always have so much fun (and some cocktails too…) so taking photos for the blog is literally the last thing on my mind!

Avocado toast with fried egg

But there were some mornings when I remember to take a few quick snaps with my phone of the breakfast recipes I prepared. I really wanted to share the recipes and taste with you, so I hope you’ll excuse the lack of food styling. We were all so hungry for a delicious breakfast and we were so excited to eat, haha!

I believe that these pictures showcase the essentials: the fact that I’m sharing with you some delicious, quick, and easy recipes for breakfast, so you can share them with your loved ones at the table as well. I guarantee that everyone will be impressed – significant other, family, or friends.

Let’s get this started:

Avocado Toast with Sunny Side Up Egg

Avocado toasts

You’ll need a few slices of toast, some cream cheese, pesto, avocado, eggs, your favorite salad mix, and some chili flakes + smoked salt (or regular salt, but I really recommend the smoked one, it’s delicious!).

Here’s what I did:

  • I took one slice of toast and I greased it with cream cheese and some pesto on top.
  • The second one is with half an avocado, smashed with a fork. Added some chili flakes on top too.
  • Separately I put a handful of salad mix, seasoned with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I then topped the salad with the other half of the avocado (sliced) and a sunny-side-up egg next to it. I also added some smoked salt on top of the egg.

Egg brioche with salmon / cream cheese pesto

Egg brioche with salmon or cream cheese pesto

For this recipe, you’ll need some burger buns, quail eggs (or chicken eggs), salad mix, tomatoes, cream cheese, and pesto. If you want some meat as well, you can add some prosciutto crudo or smoked salmon.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Cut the burger buns into halves and put them in the oven for around 4 minutes.
  • Greast one half of the bun with cream cheese and the other with pesto.
  • Add a slice of tomato in the middle, some salad leaves and the fried egg.
  • Optional: for your meat lover friends, you can add some smoked salmon or prosciutto too.

Non-veg version: All of the above + smoked salmon and/or prosciutto.

Vegetarian version: Just skip the meats.

Croissant Sandwich

Salmon croissant sandwich sandvis cu croissant si somon afumat

You’ll need some salty croissants, cream cheese, boiled eggs, avocado, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, chili flakes, and salt.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Cut each croissant into halves and grease them with cream cheese.
  • Add some thin cucumber slices, avocado, boiled egg with chili flakes + salt on top and, optionally, for those eating meat, some smoked salmon or prosciutto.

Non-veg version: All of the above + smoked salmon or prosciutto.

Vegetarian version: Just skip the meats.

Turkish Eggs

Turkish Eggs oua turcesti

You’ll need some toast, butter, olive oil, garlic, Greek yogurt or buffalo yogurt, eggs, salad mix, chili flakes, and salt.

Here’s how to do it:

For 4 portions of Turkish eggs, you’ll need approx. 500g (2 cups) of yogurt and 4 garlic cloves.

  • Grease the toast slices with butter and rub them with a garlic clove.
  • Put them in the oven until they turn brown a little.
  • Mix the yogurt with the minced garlic and a bit of salt. Put it in the fridge.
  • In a small pan, melt approx. 80g butter (5 Tbsp) and 2 Tbsp of olive oil. Add 1/2 Tbsp chili flakes.
  • Once the butter is melted, turn the heat off.
  • This recipe is usually made with poached eggs, but when you’re preparing a bigger batch, it’s easier to fry them. So I fried 2 eggs per person.
  • To assembly, divide the yogurt quantity into 4 portions. Add the fried eggs on top and around 2 Tbsp of the melted butter with chili.
  • Serve with some salad on the side (the salmon is optional) and toasted bread.

Vegetarian version: Just skip the salmon.