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American recipes or the perfect culinary creativity 

Do you want to discover American culinary art? Here, in this collection of recipes, you will find recipes specific for American cuisine, but in a vegetarian way.

America is a multicultural country and it is difficult to appreciate which dish is really specific to American cuisine. However, a lot of recipes can be considered as belonging to the American cuisine.

Ingredients and spices specific to American cuisine:

The basic ingredients used in the traditional American recipes are:

Tomatoes: Originary from America, tomatoes are found in the most traditional American recipes. Tomatoes are mainly used in sauces. The most widespread form of tomato sauce is ketchup.

Potatoes: It is well-known that Americans truly loves potato. Recipes that contain potatoes offer countless gourmets possibilities to delight their taste buds.

Corn: It is used in salads or when preparing bread with cornflour or just boiled or baked on the grill.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger are known because they are used in the famous American pie recipes. Basil, because of its special flavor,  is generally used in recipes containing tomatoes and cucumbers.

Chili powder is used for really hot food. If you like spicy food, this is the most used spice in American recipes alongside Cayenne pepper.

Local desserts:

I believe that the American apple pie is so famous for its taste. The recipe for apple pie can be reproduced in a version with rhubarb and strawberry (in the spring) as well as with peaches, sour cherry, blackberry, blueberry and elderberry (in the summer). These recipes are as widespread in America as apple pie.

Did you hear about the American pancakes?  Here, you will find a unique recipe containing sweet potatoes.  If I have awakened your curiosity, then try one of these recipes! Success is guaranteed.