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Recipes with soy – from simple to a real explosion of taste sensations

Are you in a crisis of inspiration? Don't know what to cook anymore?

Discover new soy recipes here. Soybean, an apparently banal food, can be a unique ingredient for amazing recipes.

Did you know that:

Soybean is a vegetable that can be processed and from which we can obtain various foods such as soy milk, soy cheese (tofu), soy cubes, soybeans, sliced ​​soy, fermented soy.

Where does soy come from:

Soybean is native to East Asia and it's similar to beans.

What nutritional benefits does soy have:

Soybean is a portion of food with important nutritional qualities, so in a cup of soy (155 gr) we have: Calories: 189, carbohydrates 11.5 grams, fiber 8.1 grams, vitamin C 16%, vitamin K 52%, folate 121%, iron 20% of the required daily dose, etc.

Soy plays an important role in regulating cholesterol.

What we need to know when preparing culinary recipes with soy:

Soy has a neutral taste that does not impress with anything, but can be easily transformed into a truly unique taste, but only if certain rules of preparation are respected.

First of all, to change the texture and taste of soy it must be boiled in water with spices. By boiling the soy, regardless of the presentation mode (soy cubes, soybeans, soy slices), its texture becomes like meat, and if we put some garlic, onion, pepper, thyme, cilantro or any other seasoning in the boiling water, its taste changes dramatically so it is difficult to distinguish it from meat.

Soybeans can be used for stuffed peppers, for cabbage “a la Cluj” or chickpeas, cabbage rolls with sour cabbage or sliced ​​soybeans for sachets, soybeans or smoked tofu in an omelet. Soybeans can be used in many classic recipes as a meat substitute.