Smoky Cabbage Stew


This is the best cabbage stew you will ever make! You will fall in love with cabbage after you’ve tried this recipe!  This was SO GOOD!! We ate the whole stew in just one day and the next day I cooked it again! Yes.. it was THAT good! This cabbage stew is a very simple recipe. No complicated techniques or expensive ingredients are needed, and the result will be beyond your expectations! I think its simplicity adds even more value … Read More

The Anatomy of a Perfect Vegan Burger


Because I’m such a huge fan of vegan burgers and veggie patties, I decided to make this post: The Anatomy of a Perfect Vegan Burger. A couple of days ago I made this vegan burger and I was AMAZED by how delicious it turned out. It was incredibly good! Honestly, I think it could easily trick an omnivore! From spices, ingredients, sauces, greens, veggies and gluten-free homemade buns, everything was just perfect! It would be a pity not to share it … Read More

5 Cashew Nuts Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About


Cashews are one of my favourite nuts and I’m sure I’m not the only one. However what you might not know is that cashews are also great for your health. Here is the list of 5 amazing cashew nuts benefits you probably didn’t know about. Cashews are great for treating anxiety & depression When I say cashew nuts can help with anxiety and depression people usually make fun of me because it seems too good to be true. However, as … Read More

VEGGIE FAMILY eCookBook | 55 Family-Friendly Recipes


Don’t know what to cook for your family? Are you tired of the same recipes over and over again? NO MORE! This vegetarian eCookbook contains 55 family-friendly recipes, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts! You will get breakfast, salad, soup, main course and dessert recipes, all with beautiful photography, easy to follow instructions and budget-friendly ingredients. Get 55 easy to make, healthy vegetarian recipes. You will enjoy cooking them and your kids will love them too! Budget-friendly ingredients Family-friendly recipes Easy-to-follow … Read More

Vegetarian Family Meal Plan – FREE Printable

Vegetarian Family Meal Plan_featured

New free meal plan on the blog! This time I come with a free vegetarian family meal plan. I’ve recently launched my first ebook called VEGGIE FAMILY and I thought it would be a great idea to create a family meal plan as well! This is a free vegetarian family  meal plan with recipes for one whole week. You’ll find easy and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, ideal to feed a whole family of 3-4 people. What are the best features of … Read More

Spicy Vegan Lentil Cakes

vegan-lentil-cakes-Veggie-Patties-Chiftelute-picante de linte

These spicy vegan lentil cakes are perfect for satisfying your spicy food cravings! They’re easy to make, protein-rich and have a spicy and smoky flavor!  I make the best veggie patties! Really, I do. I’m not modest at all. :)) I absolutely LOVE veggie patties and I’m constantly experimenting with new flavors, colors and textures. Some recipes are better than others, but all of them are delicious! My vegan falafel and quinoa patties recipes are my top favorite, but I must … Read More

Eggplant Dhal | Lentil and Eggplant Stew


Even if you’re not a big fan of Indian food, you will absolutely love this eggplant dhal recipe! It’s easy to make, budget-friendly and perfect for a family dinner!  I can’t say I love Indian food, but I enjoy making some Indian comfort recipes from time to time. What inspired me to make this recipe was this awesome book – Vegetables | From the Earth to the Table. I absolutely LOVE it! I found an onion dhal recipe in it … Read More

11 Veggie Burger Recipes You Won’t Believe Are Vegan


Who doesn’t love a yummy, delectable burger? While burgers are great to taste, too much grease or unhealthy fillings can adversely affect health in the long run. That is why I have come up with a way so you can continue to enjoy burgers without worrying about health and fitness. Some of these veggie burger recipes are for veggie burger patties only. Just add a burger bun, some sauces, lettuce leaves and veggies and you can make a veggie burger … Read More