Vegan Workout Meal Plan | High Protein Meal Plan | Free Printable

Free Vegan Workout Meal Plan_featured

New free meal plan on the blog! This time I come with a free vegan workout meal plan. I’ve been working out lately and created a high protein meal plan from myself and my boyfriend. We loved it so I decided to share it with you too. This is a free vegan workout meal plan with recipes for one whole week. You’ll find easy and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This meal plan is also great for those of you who … Read More

Raw Exotic Avocado Truffles

Raw vegan exotic avocado truffles Trufe raw cu avocado tropical

If you want a quick, sweet and healthy vegan snack, make these raw exotic avocado truffles with just a few ingredients!  I love raw truffles! If you’re craving something sweet and delicious, but without all the guilt included, then raw vegan truffles are the best choice for you! Last week I received for testing a pack of coconut flour from Niavis & Vegis Romania. I immediately knew I was going to use it in a raw dessert recipe. I’ve never used … Read More

How to make stretchy vegan mozzarella cheese

vegan mozzarella cheese Branza mozzarella vegana

 Learn how to make stretchy vegan mozzarella cheese, the easy way! This tastes like real cheese, looks like real cheese and melts like real cheese! Plus, it’s budget-friendly and healthy! Oh my, oh my!!! I am so excited to present you this AWESOME vegan mozzarella cheese recipe! This vegan mozzarella looks like real cheese, tastes like cheese and it even melts like cheese does! What I like even more about it is that it’s super-easy to make! Really, SUPER EASY! … Read More

Gluten-Free Wild Garlic Gnocchi with Smoked Tofu Pasta Sauce

Gluten-Free Wild Garlic Gnocchi Gnocchi fara gluten cu leurda

 This gluten-free wild garlic gnocchi with smoked tofu pasta sauce is a perfect vegetarian recipe for Spring! It has vibrant colors and strong, fresh flavors! The first time I made homemade pasta was last week. I don’t even know why I didn’t try this any sooner! I am now hooked! Homemade pasta is AMAZING! I don’t have a pasta machine and I wanted to start with something easy and practically fail-proof, so I chose to make gluten-free gnocchi. Also, because Spring … Read More

Intense Workout High Protein Smoothie

Intense Workout High Protein Smoothie Smoothie hiperproteic canepa

 This intense workout high protein smoothie is perfect for those of you who are working out or just want to increase your daily protein intake.  I started working out, so I began looking for high quality vegan protein sources to add to my diet. I discovered that there are so many amazing superfoods you can add to your smoothies and make them high in proteins and just perfect for intense workouts. Hemp seeds are my absolute favorite! Also, nut butters … Read More

How to make gluten-free gnocchi | Easy step by step method

How to make vegan gluten-free gnocchi step by step 4 cum sa faci gnocchi fara gluten

 Learn how to make gluten-free gnocchi using this easy, step by step method. You’ll get perfect vegan gluten-free gnocchi every time!  I just discovered a new passion – gluten-free pasta making. I never thought making homemade pasta could be so fun and relaxing! I can’t wait to buy myself a pasta machine so I can try other kinds of pasta as well. Until then, I will make pasta recipes which don’t require owning a pasta machine, like these gluten-free gnocchi … Read More

Best Vegan Cheese Recipes Challenge

best vegan cheese recipes challenge

Today is the day I start the “Best Vegan Cheese Recipes” Challenge. I am SO excited!! I got the idea to challenge myself to create the absolute best vegan cheese recipes, after I decided to give up dairy. I tested some recipes already and love them so much that I want to share them with you all! Cheese “addiction” is fake! I thought I would never be able to give up dairy products, because I loved cheese so much. Well, … Read More