What is Gluten and why you should avoid it + over 100 gluten-free recipes!

What is Gluten and why you should avoid it

Find out what is gluten and why you should avoid it. Learn what are the symptoms related to gluten intolerance and how to eliminate gluten from your diet. When it comes to our general health and fitness, it simply cannot be denied that the foods and drinks we consume on a daily basis, play a massive role in determining just how fit and healthy we actually are. Nowadays, it is Gluten that is under the spotlight and has become the … Read More

Gluten-Free Green Pea Tart with Mint


This gluten-free green pea tart recipe is just perfect for this season! It has a fresh taste, it’s easy to make and I’m sure you’ll love it too!  The same week I made this vegan tomato tart, I also made this green pea tart, along with some other awesome tart recipes I didn’t have time to photograph. It was Tart Baking Day every day! It all started with me trying to make gluten-free puff pastry which was a HUGE FAIL, … Read More

Green Barley Grass Smoothie

Green Barley Grass Smoothie verde cu iarba de orz

Try this green barley grass smoothie if you want a quick, healthy and delicious green smoothie for breakfast! It’s ready in less than 5 minutes!   I can’t say I’m a huge fan of green smoothies. Actually, they’re my least favorite smoothies. They usually taste to much like grass and the texture is too thick. If you don’t usually like green smoothies, I can assure you’ll love this one! I made this green barley grass smoothie with ripe bananas, a little … Read More

How To Begin a Macrobiotic Cleanse and Start Feeling Better!


If someone asks me about overeating during holidays, I would unashamedly answer in the affirmative. After all, it is the time to relax and forget about everything – and I sure did by devouring desserts and comfort foods. To be honest, the feeling was superb even though it always lasts for a short time. I decided to write this article in order to help you and give you some of the tips I apply when keeping a macrobiotic cleanse. You can do this macrobiotic … Read More

Gluten-Free Sour Cherry Cake


This gluten-free sour cherry cake is an easy and extremely delicious dessert which will always bring back sweet childhood memories! Give it a try!  I LOVE this sour cherry cake! My grandma used to make this when I was little. Now my mom makes it from time to time, sometimes she replaces sour cherries with berries, and recently my mother-in-law surprised me with it! Ever since I went gluten-free she was so nice to start baking with gluten-free flour and … Read More

10 Vegan Food Blogs Which Will Make You Consider Veganism

Vegan Food Blogs consider vegansim

I wanted to make this post for a while now and I finally decided to do it! I gathered here 10 of my favorite vegan food blogs which always amaze me with some really creative, smart and most of all delicious vegan recipes. These vegan food blogs have always been a huge inspiration for me. Some of them I’ve been following for years, while others have been recently discovered. Each one of them has something special I love, whether it is the … Read More

Vegan Tomato Tart with “Cheeze” Cream, Basil and Garlic | Gluten-Free too!

vegan tomato tart tarta vegana cu rosii gluten-free

This vegan tomato tart is so flavorful and smells absolutely amazing! You can’t even tell it’s vegan! Plus, it’s really easy to make!  This is definitely the best vegan tart I’ve made so far. It’s gluten-free too! The crust turned out absolutely PERFECT!! While I was eating it and enjoying every bit of it, I felt so proud of myself! I’m getting better and better at baking gluten-free goodies. If you don’t have any great baking or cooking skills, don’t … Read More

Middle Eastern Gluten-Free Vegan Pizza

Middle Eastern Gluten-Free Vegan Pizza fara gluten oriental

Craving gluten-free vegan pizza and want to try some new flavors? Try this Middle Eastern gluten-free vegan pizza recipe and you’ll be amazed by its flavors! Since I discovered this awesome gluten-free pizza crust recipe, making homemade gluten-free pizza has become so easy and fun! Just mix the ingredients together, no kneading involved, add the toppings and you’re done! The pizza crust turns out perfect each time. I’ve tried a bunch of new gluten-free vegan pizza recipes so far, with … Read More