11 Veggie Burger Recipes You Won’t Believe Are Vegan


Who doesn’t love a yummy, delectable burger? While burgers are great to taste, too much grease or unhealthy fillings can adversely affect health in the long run. That is why I have come up with a way so you can continue to enjoy burgers without worrying about health and fitness. Some of these veggie burger recipes are for veggie burger patties only. Just add a burger bun, some sauces, lettuce leaves and veggies and you can make a veggie burger … Read More

How to make hummus from scratch | Hummus with mixed seeds


Learn how to make hummus from scratch and make it turn out extra smooth! This is the basic hummus recipe served with toasted mixed seeds on top.  I am crazy about hummus. CRAZY! It’s my all-time favorite food and I could eat it by the bowl…as I actually do! This is my newest hummus recipe, and unlike my previous ones, this time I made it from scratch. This means no more canned chickpeas! I will tell you a couple of … Read More

Best Mushroom Salad Recipe You Will Ever Make!

Best mushroom salad recipe salata de ciuperci

Yes. This is the best mushroom salad recipe you will ever make! It will instantly become your favorite, you’ll see. Plus, it’s super easy to make! I’ve been in love with this mushroom salad for a very long time. The first time I tasted this awesomeness was a few years ago, on New Years Eve. My mom made it! I loved its texture, how fresh it is even if it has mayo as a dressing and the overall blend of tastes … Read More

Baby Carrot Salad with Maple-Mustard Dressing


This baby carrot salad will make you LOVE carrots! It has a crunchy texture you’ll love and the maple-mustard dressing gives it a special flavor!  I can’t say I love regular carrots that much, but with baby carrots things are a bit different… I just LOVE them! They are cute, tiny, a little bit sweet and I found out they go great with thyme and mustard dressings. I first made a similar dressing/sauce for Christmas last year, when I served … Read More

10 Mouthwatering Vegan Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

10 Mouthwatering Vegan Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Did you like my vegan food bloggers list I posted a while ago? If yes, then you’ll definitely love this roundup too! I decided to gather a list with 10 mouthwatering vegan Instagram accounts that I follow and which you should be following too! Even if you’re not vegan yet, by seeing the amazing photos shared on these accounts you will reconsider veganism! I love seeing their wonderful photos and delicious meals everyday. They keep me inspired and I hope … Read More

10 Great Vegan Pizza Recipes You’ll Want To Eat Right Now!

10 Great Vegan Pizza Recipes You'll Want To Eat Right Now!

Whether you’re vegan or not, I promise you will love these amazing vegan pizza recipes! You won’t miss meat or cheese at all! Check them out!  Cultivating healthy habits is a must these days – too much junk food will eventually cause great harm, but that doesn’t mean you give up on eating your favorite pizza for good! Just a few tweaks and changes and your pizza turns into a gourmet item packed with taste and nutrition, sans the ill … Read More

Quinoa Tabbouleh


This quinoa tabbouleh recipe is for those of you who want a high protein healthy meal with delicious flavors! It’s ready in no time and it’s so much better than bulgur wheat tabbouleh!  I am a HUGE parsley fan, so this recipe is just perfect for me. I always add lots and lots of parsley in any savory meal and I love to eat it just by itself as well. Since going gluten-free I couldn’t enjoy one of my favorite … Read More

Roasted Eggplant Mousse | Perfect Eggplant Dip!


This roasted eggplant mousse is the perfect eggplant dip you can make as an appetizer for parties or brunches! It has an extra-smooth texture and a delicious taste!  Inspired by my mutabal and eggplant caviar recipes, I decided to make another roasted eggplant dip, but this time with a different texture. The taste is somewhat similar to the traditional Romanian eggplant caviar recipe, but the texture is unique, airy and extra-smooth! This roasted eggplant mousse can be served as an … Read More