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Vegan BLT Sandwich

This vegan BLT sandwich was inspired by the classic bacon-lettuce-tomatoes sandwich. It’s easy to make and has a smoky, crispy bacon flavor.  Yay! The first recipe for 2017! Sorry for the long break. I told you ...Read More

Zucchini Fries / Zucchini Sticks

 Make these delicious, crispy zucchini fries / zucchini sticks and enjoy a crunchy snack or side dish, that’s also secretly healthy! This is the first time I write a blog post entirely from my ...Read More

Vegan Chocolate Banana Bread

This vegan chocolate banana bread is extremely easy to make and has a rich, decadent chocolate taste you’ll love!  This vegan chocolate banana bread recipe is very similar to my all-time favorite, easiest vegan ...Read More
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Free Vegetarian Family Meal Plan


Don't know what to cook today? No problem! These detailed vegetarian meal plans will help you out! They're even adapted for other specific diets, such as low fodmap, vegan, gluten-free and macrobiotic! I want the meal plans!
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