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Raw Vegan Raffaello Bonbons

Raw Vegan Raffaello Bonbons

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Recipe for raw vegan Raffaello Bonbons, with coconut and almonds. Delicious is an understatement! Can you believe they’re ready in only 10 minutes?!   

You don’t know how happy I am that I’ve discovered this amazing raw vegan dessert recipe for coconut Raffaello bonbons!!! I am CRAZY about Raffaello bonbons! And by crazy, I mean that I can’t eat only one, or two, or three…no…I eat the whole box, alone! That’s why I rarely buy them :D  This weekend I craved for something sweet, and as always, when I want something sweet, I make myself a raw vegan dessert.

I saw that I had some coconut flakes and coconut butter in the pantry, and got the idea to make these awesome coconut Raffaello bonbons. These coconut bonbons have the exact same taste as the originals!! Seriously!!! It’s amazing how some basic ingredients can make such a delicious, guilt-free, HEALTHY dessert :D

These raw vegan Raffaello bonbons have the same taste and crunchy texture as the real ones. The great thing is that they’re ready in about 10 minutes! Yes! That easy!

Looking forward to reading your comments! Let me know how they turned out! ….I’m going to make another batch now.. :D

Raw Vegan Raffaello Bonbons Coconut

Raw Vegan Raffaello Bonbons

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 15+ raw raffaellos

Raw Vegan Raffaello Bonbons

Recipe for raw vegan Raffaello Bonbons, with coconut and almonds. Delicious is an understatement! Can you believe they’re ready in only 10 minutes?!


  • 4 Tbsps raw coconut butter (creamy - leave it at room temperature for a couple of minutes)
  • 1 cup raw coconut flakes + 4 more Tbsps for coating (real ones, not those yucky colored flakes)
  • 15 raw almonds (preferably peeled ones)
  • 2 Tbsp healthy sweetener of choice (I used honey, but you can use agave or maple syrup)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Put all ingredients in the blender, except almonds, and blend well until creamy.
  2. Put the 4 Tbsps of coconut flakes in a small dish.
  3. Make the bonbons. Use 1 tsp of cream per bonbon. Add one almond in each one of them and coat them in raw coconut flakes.
  4. Put in fridge or eat right way, if you’re impatient like I was :D

 Raw Vegan Raffaello Bonbons coconut almond balls

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  1. Am gasit la Naturalia doar ulei de cocos, nu pare sa se intareasca sau ceva. E totuna cu untul de cocos? E dubios… As vrea sa incerc reteta..

    • Hm.. eu stiam ca untul de cocos se transforma in ulei atunci cand e la temp. camerei si reia forma solida pus la frigider.

      Are miros de cocos? Untul de cocos presat la rece trebuie sa aiba o aroma subtila de cocos, ala dezodorizat e procesat si nu stiu cat de sanatos e. Eu zic sa incerci si asa, e posibil sa ai nevoie de mai multi fulgi de cocos.

      Sa imi spui daca au iesit ok :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. These were delicious! I did have to add more honey and coconut butter to get it to bind but I’ll be keeping this recipe for sure

    • Hi Amy! Great to hear that you liked them. I’ll edit the recipe and add an extra instruction to add more butter or honey if the composition isn’t sticky enough. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for this nice recipe!
    I just had a try as we’re having dinner with some friends tonight. I used coconut oil instead of coconut butter and added a good tsp of white almond butter. They turned out really nice and Raffaello like :-)

  5. Arata foarte bine , eu le fac dupe reteta lui Doina Oprea ( foarte bune :) ) dar sunt foarte tentata sa fac si varianta ta. Singurul ingredient care imi lipseste aici este untul de cocos , oare as putea folosi ulei de cocos pe care sa-l tin putin la rece pina se mai incheaga ? O sa incerc :)
    Multumesc de reteta !

    • Mersi Cerasela! Ma bucur ca iti place reteta. Toate bombonelele raw sunt delicioase :D Uleiul de cocos e unt de cocos. Adica se transforma in unt daca il tii la frigider. Deci da, poti sa il folosesti. E foarte important insa sa fie nerafinat, presat la rece. Are o aroma aparte untul de cocos 100% crud.

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