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Asian recipes – an exotic journey

If you really like the spicy taste, here you will find a series of recipes that will really “warm” you. Asian-style culinary recipes are a defining style of cooking for this area.

Ingredients and spices specific to Asian cuisine

Ingredients such as rice, ginger, garlic, tofu, peppers, dried onions, soy, and sesame are commonly used in Asian dishes.

Rice is an essential ingredient in every Asian food. Depending on the geographical area, a certain type of rice is preferred. Long grain rice is popular in China, and short-grain rice is used in Japan and Korea.

Garlic sauce with hot peppers combines the sweet aroma of garlic with a paste of red peppers with white vinegar, onion, sugar and sesame oil. It has a slight, but dominant taste of garlic that distinguishes it from other hot pepper sauces.

You can use hot pepper sauces on just about anything, from stews to pizza topping.

A gluten-free version of traditional soy sauce is the tamari sauce. This is a genuine sauce, 100% soy that has a darker hue and is less sweet.

Curry – Curry powder is a mixture of spices that come together to give a warm and robust flavor to any dish that is used.

Rice wine vinegar is excellent for green and fresh salads.

The recipes you'll find here, starting with the spectacular Asian rice recipe with wooden ears and bamboo shoots, eggplant lentils (dhal with eggplants) or Thai rice recipe in curry sauce and coconut milk or Asian noodle soup – all these are an explosion of tastes, flavors, and color.