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Vegetarian and vegan “meatballs” – an imagination exercise

Vegetable patties are an alternative option for those who have chosen a vegetarian diet. Whether you want recipes that are sweet or savory, made with mushrooms, potatoes, lentils or pumpkins, here you will find new recommendations and ideas for a guaranteed success.

Did you know that:

Originally, meatballs were made from meat, but there are also vegetarian options or even vegan.

Where does this dish come from:

The origin of the word “chiftea” in Romanian is the word kofta in Persian, which means “beaten” meat. Meatballs are specific to the Middle East, the Balkan area, as well as Central Asia and the South of Caucasus.

The secrets of preparing vegetarian patties:

When preparing the vegetable patties, it is good to know that they contain over 90% water, and the composition is not easy to form. To make up for the excess water, you must add two or three tablespoons of either flour,  starch or breadcrumbs, depending on the water content of the composition.

For a special taste, the dill and parsley must be fresh. Don't forget to add an egg to “bind” the composition.

If you want them to have a crispy crust, I recommend that you fry them before baking and make sure to put them in oil only after it is sufficiently hot.

Also, after frying, it is good to place them on a white paper napkin, which has the role of absorbing the fat from the meatballs.

Vegetarian patties can be served warm with tomato sauce and kept 15-20 minutes in the oven before serving, or they can be served cold with yogurt. The taste of the yogurt can be improved if we add pomegranate or cucumbers in it, cut into cubes and also some dill.

These are just a few tips for preparing recipes with vegetarian or vegan cakes. You'll find much more in this chapter!