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Lentil – a lesser-known food

Here you will find lentils recipes that are easy to prepare and especially delicious!

Did you know that:

Lentil is found in several variants of color (brown, green, yellow, red and black), each of them having different characteristics. If it's boiled for too long, brown lentil becomes pasty. The green lentil grain is larger and by boiling, it retains its shape. The yellow lentil has a flavor that approaches the taste of nuts. The red lentil boils the quickest of all types of lentil.

The origin of lentil:

There is evidence that lentil was among the first man-grown plants for food, even from the Neolithic. It is more prevalent in Asia and in the Mediterranean. It is easy to cultivate and the costs of its production are small.

The benefits of lentil:

Lentil has a high protein content so it was placed in third place after soy and hemp seeds. It is also known for having few calories and fats, but it contains iron, manganese, potassium, and folate. Lentil is the best food if you want to lose weight. Basically, it has no fats, but it is rich in fiber and gives you the sensation of a full stomach quickly.

What we need to know when preparing recipes with lentil:

Unlike beans or other dried legumes, lentils should not be soaked in water before because they are very easy to boil. They're boiled in about 20–40 minutes. Lentils are great for vegetarian „meatballs” or cream soups because of the texture that is obtained by boiling.

Of all the varieties of lentil, green lentil is best-suited for salad recipes because it has a strong aroma and retains its shape when boiled. Here you will find a series of recipes with lentil and you will learn the technique of its preparation!