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Culinary inspiration for tomato recipes

In the gallery above you will discover recipes with tomatoes that will satisfy the most demanding tastes! You will learn how to prepare the most varied recipes with tomatoes.

Did you know that:

The color of tomatoes isn’t just red? They can be: purple, yellow, orange and there is also an assortment of tomatoes with stripes.

Origin of tomatoes

Tomatoes are native to South and Central America. The Spaniards are the ones who brought the tomatoes to Europe after conquering the Aztec empire. From there, the tomatoes spread to other parts of the European world during the sixteenth century.

The benefits of tomatoes

Tomatoes are not only tasty and good looking, but they also play an important role in a balanced diet by providing the necessary nutritional intake.

Tomatoes contain a significant amount of vitamin C, folic acid, iron, and lycopene. All this helps, in the case of pregnant women, the good development of the fetus. Also, tomatoes contain a lot of fiber, potassium, and choline which ensures good heart health. Regarding their role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the most important fact is that by increasing the supply of potassium and decreasing the amount of salt (sodium) in the diet, the risk of their appearance is reduced considerably.

What we need to know when preparing culinary recipes with tomatoes:

There are many recipes in which the tomato can be the main ingredient – such as stuffed tomato recipes, pasta tomato recipes, cherry tomato or broth tomato recipes, but it is important to keep some basic rules when preparing tomato recipes.

If the recipe you have chosen requires the tomatoes to be peeled, the simplest way to clean the tomatoes is as follows: soak the tomatoes in boiling water for 15 seconds, then immediately transfer the tomatoes to cold water. The bark will easily come off band by band.

The tomatoes can be cooked either in the oven, on a slow fire or on the barbecue with other vegetables. The most common recipe for tomatoes is in the form of a paste that is put on pizza, fries or in sauces, namely ketchup. The initial recipe contained egg whites, mushrooms, oysters or nuts. Currently, the spices and flavors used in the preparation of this recipe usually include onion, cilantro, cloves, cumin, garlic, and mustard.