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Sandwiches – or how you can cook dinner in 3 minutes

You're in the exam session and want to eat something fast? Nothing simpler! Here you will find ideas about how you can prepare your dinner in record time.  Many are those who believe that vegan or vegetarian food is tasteless will have proof that they are mistaken in this chapter. The sandwich, apart from the fact that it's quick to prepare, can be healthy and especially delicious. To transform a simple sandwich into a perfect dinner, you need a little imagination.

Examples of sandwiches:

Sandwiches can be prepared in two ways: hot or cold. An example of a warm sandwich is the one with grilled vegetables or a fried tofu sandwich. You can prepare an excellent sandwich with eggplant or grilled zucchini, to which you can add a slice of cheese. Or you can make, for example, a sandwich with chickpeas and pesto, with eggplant salad with sliced tomatoes and vegan cheese, with raw salad (carrots and celery mixed with mayonnaise and mackerel or smoked salmon) and the list can go on.

All of these sandwich recipes can be made in a gluten-free and lactose-free way using Schar products and, instead of animal cheese, I recommend coconut oil cheese that contains neither gluten nor lactose or casein. Schar produces and sells baguettes, buns, white bread, salted biscuits, rustic bread, but, in my opinion, the tastiest is the bread with seeds. In the end, if you put the sandwich in the oven for a few minutes, it will be perfect!

You can inspire yourself from these sandwich recipes, or you can improvise and experiment with new kinds of sandwiches!