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Tart recipes – delicious straight out of the oven

In this recipe gallery, you will discover recipes for tarts that are very appetizing. Here you find tarts for all tastes. Whether they are sweet or savory tarts, vegetable or fruit tarts, be aware that these tarts are delicious!

Did you know that:

The French word “tarte” also means pie and tart. The difference between a tart and a pie is that the dough is placed above and also below the composition for the pie.

Tarts are a culinary dish that has a crispy pastry dough at the bottom made of flour, unsalted butter, cold water and sometimes a little sugar is added. The tarts are baked in a special shape that has a removable bottom with a ring so that the cake can be opened and the shape removed without breaking it.

Secrets to successful tarts

There is an old saying that “cold hands make good pastry”.

The first rule to be followed when making pastry products is to keep your ingredients, pot, surface, and hands as cold as possible.

When the pastry dough gets too hot, the end result is a pastry crust that's too fat. Wet your hands with cold water before starting to knead the dough. Keep the butter in the fridge until the moment it should be put into the dough. Spread the dough on a cold surface (a marble plate is perfect) after throwing a handful of flour on it.

After you have finished kneading the pastry dough, wrap it in plastic and keep it in the fridge for at least a quarter of an hour.

Tarts are so easy to prepare that it is impossible to make mistakes!

When you are served with a slice of tart you should know that a fruit tart is eaten with a fork, but if you get a spoon, first fix the tart with a fork and cut it with a spoon and eat it with the spoon.

The tomato tart, the tofu tart or the mushroom tart are just a few of the recipes you can successfully try from this chapter.