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Culinary recipes with corn or how you can use corn in new and sophisticated recipes

Although at first glance the corn has nothing spectacular, reading the recipes presented here you will have a pleasant surprise! I advise you to follow them carefully and you will learn new techniques of corn preparation that make it come out of anonymity.

Did you know that:

The ancestor of corn had a single row of berries and was called teosinte.

The origin of corn

There is evidence that corn was first cultivated by the native population in southern Mexico about 10,000 years ago. Corn has spread to all continents except Antarctica.

The benefits of corn

Corn is generally composed of carbohydrates. Starch is its main carbohydrate, accounting for 28-80% of its dry weight. Also, corn contains a small percentage of sugar (1-3%).

There is also a variety of corn called sweet corn that has a low content of starch, but with higher sugar content, ie 18% of its dry weight. However, sweet corn has a low to medium level of the glycemic index (GI).

What we need to know when preparing corn recipes:

Corn can be eaten boiled and cleaned from sticks in salads or baked on the grill and then greased with butter with salt sprinkled on top. The most common method of preparation for us is boiled corn.

There is also a variety of corn that expands at high temperatures, namely corn popcorn. For preserving the corn for a long time, it can be frozen and stored. A tea with diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties is made from the silk of corn.

Ground corn is used in the preparation of polenta (Italy) or mamaliga (Romania). For a successful polenta, I recommend adding the ground corn into the water after it boils. With one hand, the corn is sprinkled, and with the help of a slurry, the composition is constantly stirred to avoid the formation of lumps. For extra flavor, you can add a little butter or olive oil in the mix. There is also bread with malai in the Transylvanian area, which you will find in this collection of recipes along with many other recipes that I hope will arise your interest!