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Italian recipes in unique versions that reach perfection

The culinary recipes specific to the Italian cuisine reach perfection. Each ingredient in these recipes is carefully chosen so that the final result will be an explosion of flavors that will delight you.

Ingredients and spices specific to Italian cuisine

The Italians combine the spices, a favorite mixture in the Italian cuisine being composed of basil, pomegranate, oregano, rosemary and last but not least, thyme. The type of spices and their proportion differs from one cook to another, each of them giving a personal note to his preparations.

Garlic, sage, and coriander are also used in Italian recipes. Italians are not very specific when it comes to spices because they like to improvise and try new tastes.

Italian culinary recipes in vegetarian version:

The list of Italian recipes that you will find here is rich and offers you options for a perfect romantic dinner. The Italians add value to their preparations through the herbs used that they prefer fresh for a more intense aroma. They carefully choose their ingredients.

The tomato is the queen of preparations in the Italian cuisine. Common in most sauces, its taste is complemented by the strong aroma of fresh basil.

Here you will find recipes specific to Italian cuisine starting from soups and ending with spectacular Italian desserts. Thus, recipes like risotto with baked tomatoes, vegan carbonara, Tuscan soup, pasta stuffed in the oven, ravioli with mushrooms or tiramisu will make you become a true fan of Italian cuisine.

Local desserts:

I don’t think there may be a person who has not heard of the famous Italian cake Tiramisu.

There is also a cake with lemon and olive oil that is fresh, with a special aroma given by both the lemon and olive oil.

If the preparation steps of these recipes are strictly followed, the result can be an unforgettable experience!