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Schar – a brand that comes to the aid of celiacs

Have you been diagnosed with gluten intolerance and looking for gluten-free recipes? Here you will find a good source of inspiration and tips regarding the preparation of gluten-free foods and recipes with Schar products.

Did you know that:

The decision of going on a gluten-free diet is important, especially since it is not at all easy to ward off the temptations that are all around you. From the moment of diagnosis, you can no longer eat any food that contains gluten or is suspected of being contaminated with gluten.

Once you start this gluten-free diet you can no longer eat the same foods as before and can’t return to a normal diet anymore. Many people with gluten intolerance ask themselves this question: What do I eat?

The answer is simple. Currently, there are numerous gluten-free products in stores, most of which are Schar's gluten-free products. Thus we can find: gluten-free flour Schar like Mix-It, Pastry Mix, gluten-free breadcrumb, Schar gluten-free bread, Schar pizza, lasagna sheets, pasta of all kinds, biscuits, Schar sausages, Schar cakes of all kinds: wafers, madlene and the list is much longer.

Where can we find gluten-free products by Schar:

The gluten-free products from Schar can be found in specialized online stores and the supermarket such as Kaufland, Carrefour, Auchan, Tei Pharmacy.

Why use gluten-free products from Schar:

The range of gluten-free products from Schar makes your life easier because it allows you to experiment with new gluten-free recipes or to prepare classic recipes learned by your mother in a new gluten-free version.

What we need to know when preparing recipes with Schar gluten-free products:

Gluten-free flour is similar to normal wheat flour, only it doesn’t contain gluten.

Comply with the strict amounts of gluten-free recipes if you want the recipe to succeed.