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Recipes from the Middle East

Middle Eastern food is versatile and most recipes can be prepared very easily. This culinary journey through the Middle East will be a delight for you!

Ingredients and spices specific to Middle Eastern cuisine:

Olives, walnuts, lentils, beans, sesame, and vegetables are an important part of the cuisine of most Middle Eastern countries and most often represent an alternative when we want to exclude meat.

Spices and herbs used in recipes have a defining role, and foods are often heavily flavored with cumin, nutmeg, turmeric, peppermint, parsley and more. The condiments specific to the area can sometimes be hard to find – but do not be discouraged because there are online stores where you will find everything you need!

Pita is one of the most popular types of bread served in Middle Eastern countries and is used for basic food.

If I haven't convinced you yet to try the vegetarian oriental recipes, one of the great aspects of Middle Eastern cooking is the ability to substitute the ingredients with what you have available in the room or for your personal taste.

There are many dishes whose original recipe contains beef or lamb and which you'll find in a vegetarian version in the Middle-Eastern cuisine. For example, the cabbage rolls, Oriental salad recipes or lentil cream soup, hummus, eggplant salad or eggplant with garlic or couscous salad will conquer you from the first tasting. The hummus, both in its simple version and with wild garlic, the recipe for spicy hummus, avocado or arugula, and many others will delight you and therefore I urge you to try them!

Local desserts:

It is known that the Middle East is famous for its sweets with such well-defined aromas. Surely the pleasure of eating something sweet will be satisfied with recipes such as halva or baklava. You can find all these recipes here.