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5 Reasons Why Meat Is Bad For You

Learn why meat is bad for you and why you should avoid it. Read about the studies that link meat consumption to cancer, cardiovascular diseases and more.
Meat is one of the many important sources of protein, but it also proves to be poor in minerals and vitamins. Through various scientific research, it has been proven that meat consumption produces multiple disorders in our bodies. In the following paragraphs, I will share with you some of the info I have gathered before I decided to completely eliminate meat from my diet. I hope that this will help you make the right decision in choosing your diet.

1. Vegs vs. Non-Vegs Study

A recent study among 50,000 lacto-vegetarians emphasized extraordinary results that have shocked the world in the field of cancer research. The study clearly shows that this group presents an incredibly low percentage of people with cancer compared to a similar age and sex group, made up of people with higher meat consumption.

The survey also shows that the life expectancy of the lacto-vegetarian group is much higher and all cardiovascular diseases are present in their case in a much lower percentage.  As you know I have eliminated all dairy products from my diet. In a previous post, I wrote about why milk and other dairy products are bad for your health.

It is also proven that cancer percentage among vegans is almost 0%, feel free to draw the conclusions yourselves.

2. Why Meat Is Bad For You | Meat consumption related to cancer?

One of the reasons why people who eat meat are more prone to develop cancer is the following: we all know that a few days after killing an animal, its meat turns to a gray-green olive unhealthy color; to prevent this degradation, the meat industry currently uses different substances such as nitrates and other preservatives to make it artificially (but unhealthily) look like it’s fresh by giving it a healthier shade of red.

Research done in recent years has also demonstrated several times that these are profoundly carcinogenic preservatives. On the other hand, to bring as much profit as possible, animals are often stuffed with growth hormones, appetite stimulants, antibiotics and chemical food mixtures. These chemicals are known to be carcinogenic, yet nobody changes anything.

3. Heart diseases 

Over time, animal fats, such as cholesterol, cover the blood vessels’ walls. As the diameter of these vessels progressively decreases, the blood pressure increases, which results in a higher vulnerability to heart diseases.

4. Putrefaction

Unlike plants, which have a rigid cell membrane and a simple circulatory system, animal cells die quickly when the circulation is stopped. Immediately after death, the animal proteins coagulate and self-defeating enzymes are secreted.

Meat, fish, and eggs all share a common characteristic: they decompose and rot very quickly. Most meat is consumed usually within a week or two from killing the animal, which may not seem like a long time. However, it must be stressed that the increase in the number of bacteria begins almost immediately after the animal’s death.

The habit of eating meat in its characteristic state of rapid decomposition creates a toxic environment in the colon. Additionally, it results in the premature aging of the gastrointestinal tract.

5. Bad Energy

As you all know, the human body is made up of many living cells. The nature of the subtle energies of our living cells is formed depending on the type of food that we eat. If the human body cells develop under unnatural and unhealthy conditions, like feeding on dead, nearly rotten, disgusting meat, it is obvious that our bodies will lack the vitality and good energy needed for an optimal development of our mind and body.

My advice to you: stop eating meat and dairy products! Nature provides us with everything we need and we must treat it with respect in return. The change is in you! Stop eating meat – stop the animals’ torture! They shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for our cravings, and our bodies shouldn’t suffer the negative effects of meat and dairy consumption, either.

Here are two of the life-changing documentaries that I watched. I hope that watching them will positively influence you, too.

  • Earthlings*
  • Food Matters
  • Food Inc.

*I have to mention that I stopped watching this documentary after the first 15 minutes. I just couldn’t see those horrible images of animal torture anymore. Unfortunately, this is the cruel reality. Even though I couldn’t watch the whole movie, it was enough for me to realize that this world has gone wrong and something MUST be changed in the way we think about animals and in our eating habits. This change is possible; being good to each other and respecting all earthlings is one step of the process. We must understand that humans aren’t the supreme rulers of this planet and unless we become kinder and more empathetic of other living beings, we will one day suffer the consequences.