10 Brilliant Tofu Recipes Even Picky Eaters Will Love!


These tofu recipes are not just for tofu lovers, but for picky eaters as well! Most of these use it in such innovative ways you can’t even tell it’s tofu that you’re eating! 

You probably know already that the benefits of non-GMO tofu can’t be summed up in just a few words – it helps in cholesterol control, provides nutrition, lowers risks of heart disease, combats signs of aging, prevents osteoporosis and much more.

Tofu has really allowed vegans and vegetarians to experiment with meals and come up with interesting recipes of their own. Also, I gathered here in this list some macrobiotic tofu recipes as well, for those of you who are on a macrobiotic diet and need some inspiration for your daily meals. (Hint: If you need some free meal plans, check out my Free Meal Plans page!)

Even if you’re a picky eater, these 10 tofu recipes will just blow your mind! 😀

Tofurkey roulade with mushrooms >>> 

With an egg and flour crust to account for its crunchiness, the roulade is bursting with flavor due to the coriander seeds, golden raisins, thyme, sage leaves, dill, and of course the mushrooms. One bite and you can feel the delicious flavor stimulating your taste buds!

Tofurkey-roulade-with-mushrooms tofu recipes

Baked pasta tart >>>

Ever tried smoked tofu? Combined with mushrooms and veggies like zucchini and tomatoes, this specially made pasta is a delicious snack for a casual get-together. Dill, oregano, and thyme take care of the seasoning.


Tofu popcorn chick’n >>>

Reminiscent of the iconic KFC, its vegan counterpart is no less when it comes to flavor and aroma. A hint of tanginess and crumbly outer layer imparts an irresistible taste that leaves you asking for more, while tofu is a wonderful alternative for chicken.


Lemongrass tofu banh mi >>>

It boasts a rich and creamy filling of carrot and radish, cilantro, mayonnaise, and cucumber – a vegan version of a Vietnamese sandwich. Make sure you marinate the veggies and tofu for some time.


Tofu “ricotta” >>>

The freshness of spinach is greatly utilized here! Eggplant and tofu flavored with minced onion and garlic is ensconced in a giant pasta shell – a unique way to taste tofu indeed.

Tofu-ricotta tofu recipes

Chocolate hazelnut mousse >>>

Tofu has made its way into your favorite chocolate dessert as well. Served with white chocolate shavings, you can experience the gooey silkiness of hazelnut chocolate spread, whose taste is enhanced with silken tofu and vanilla extract.


Miso and soba noodle soup >>>

Shiitake mushrooms, miso, tamari, soba noodles, Sriracha, tofu translate into a bowl of wholesome goodness with the right amount of vitamins, proteins, and minerals – an extremely healthy food choice.


Miso soup meets pizza dough >>>

We have used the Miso soup recipe and tweaked it to become a pizza! Enoki and Shiitake mushrooms are used here along with both cubed and grated tofu as toppings. Doesn’t it sound mouth-watering?


Carrot & ginger soup with tofu >>>

Using simple ingredients like carrot, onion, and ginger with extra-firm tofu, you can create this delicious tasting soup in minutes. For garnishing you can use either cilantro or parsley.


Spicy kimchi tofu stew >>>

Perfect for those cold evenings in front of a fire, this stew is scrumptious and spicy, and acts as an excellent detox as well. The egg yolk bobbling on top beckons the foodie in you, right?

Spicy-kimchi-tofu-stew tofu recipes

There you have it – hope you are already fastening your cooking aprons to have a go at these tofu recipes!

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  1. Mariana Bates

    thanks for all your advices! I have 3 weeks of vegetarian diet. easy , peasy, but sometimes I feel vomiting. I do not know why..

    1. Ruxandra

      You’re welcome, Mariana! Do you eat enough? I sometimes feel sick when I have an empty stomach. I tend to forget to eat, due to my busy schedule.

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