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Faux Meat Recipes To Impress Your Non-Veg Friends

Faux Meat Recipes To Impress Your Non-Veg Friends

Are you looking for some faux meat recipes? In this list, you will find more than 30 faux meat recipes to impress your non-veg friends – yummy, super easy, and quick to make! Give them a try!

Regardless of your reason for ditching meat, I’m sure you’ve been craving some classic dishes from time to time. Maybe you’ve transitioned to a vegan or vegetarian diet or you simply want to ditch meat for health-related reasons. All these are valid motives for eating meatless dishes, but this doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea completely! 😉

There are countless ways to replace meat out there, from using TSP (textured soy protein) for schnitzels or taco fillings to using chickpeas, lentils, or cauliflower. All these options are high in proteins without containing any animal products. Which is great, especially if you’re following a vegan diet.

So why not try something different today? There are SO many faux meat recipes out there, it would be a shame not to try at least one today! 🙂

Feeling inspired? In the list below I gathered more than 30 faux meat recipes for all vegans out there! I recommend trying them if you’re missing your old meat-based meals such as chicken wings or meatballs or simply if you want to experiment with meat alternatives for a while. All of the recipes below are very healthy and easy to make!

Click on the linked titles in order to access these faux meat recipes. I have divided the list below into categories: faux chicken, pork, beef, minced meat, seafood, and more. You’ll find everything you wish for and then some!

Here we go:

Faux Meat Recipes

Vegetarian / Vegan Meatballs Recipes

Potato and ‘Meatballs’ Casserole

Casseroles are the very definition of comfort food and this potato and ‘meatballs’ casserole recipe is one of my favorites! It’s super filling and easy to make.

Potato and Meatballs Casserole serving Vegan Caserola de chiftelute vegetale cu cartofi

Vegan Meatballs in White Sauce

This is one of my favorite faux meat recipes out there! I’ve been loving making vegan meatballs for a long time now, and serving them with a side of warm mashed potatoes and white sauce is the best idea for a healthy lunch!

vegan meatballs in white sauce mashed potatoes chiftelute in sos alb de post vegane (2)

Spaghetti ‘Meatball’ Cups

These spaghetti “meatball” cups are both healthy and super fun to make. A great idea would be to prepare these together with your kids, it would be such a fun weekend activity!

Spaghetti 'Meatball' Nests

Vegan Swedish Meatballs

I’m sure you know about the classic Swedish meatballs, even the ones from Ikea are such a huge hit. Well, today I want to share you an amazing vegan version that looks and tastes exactly like the real deal!

Vegan Swedish Meatballs chiftelute suedeze reteta

Vegetarian / Vegan Faux Pork and Other Faux Meat Recipes

Vegan Steak | No Seitan and Perfect Texture!

Creating a vegan steak is no easy task, my friends. It took me such a long time to end up with this PERFECT steak recipe that’s both easy to make and healthy, without containing any seitan. Give it a try!


Vegan “Rack of Lamb”

Heh, you might think I’m crazy right now, but it’s totally possible to make a vegan rack of lamb, ideal for Easter! Just look at the pictures and tell me it doesn’t look legit. And the taste is extremely similar too!

vegan lamb rack

Vegetarian Cassoulet | Slow-Cooked White Bean Casserole

This slow-cooked white bean casserole is one of my favorite dishes because of three main reasons: it’s easy to make, it only has healthy ingredients and it’s bursting with comforting flavors!

Vegetarian Cassoulet recipe Slow-cooked White Bean Casserole

Vegan Pulled Pork Burger with Caramelized Onion

Just look at this pulled pork burger and tell me you’re not craving a bite right in this very moment! This is one of the recipes I’m proudest of because it looks and taste like real pulled pork. A great success!


Vegetarian / Vegan Minced Meat Recipes

Vegan Minced Meat Rolls | Romanian “Mititei” Recipe

Minced meat rolls are a classic, extremely popular Romanian recipe that everyone eats around here. And this vegan version is so similar to the real rolls, it’s scary!

vegan minced meat rolls mititei vegani mici vegetarieni

Ground Soy Quesadillas

You may already know how much I love Mexican cuisine, especially quesadillas. These ground soy quesadillas use TSP to achieve the perfect taste and texture – it will feel like you’re eating real minced beef!

Ground Soy Quesadillas Mexican

Veggie Taco Bowl

This veggie taco bowl recipe is the perfect idea for a lazy day. You just need to gather all the ingredients (which are all classic Mexican ingredients) and fill a big bowl with them. Quick but super efficient!

Vegan Taco Bowl

Vegan Chili Con Carne /// Chili Sin Carne

Yep, here’s another Mexican recipe, my friends. I simply can’t get enough of Mexican dishes and I simply love that they’re so easy to ‘veganize’ using textured soy protein granules!

Vegan Chili Con Carne chili sin carne de post

Vegan Sausages – homemade

Another classic: sausages! Yes, there are some versions of good store-bought vegan sausages that I like, but I feel like nothing can beat these homemade sausages!

how to make vegan sausages at home carnati de post vegani

Vegan Bolognese Pasta

This recipe is a favorite of mine that I make at least a couple of times each month. I always loved bolognese pasta but I feel like this vegan version is so much better than the original. Healthier too!

Vegan Bolognese Pasta quick recipe paste bolognese vegane de post

Vegetarian / Vegan Faux Chicken Recipes

Vegan Teriyaki Wings

If you’ve been craving some sticky Teriyaki wings, it’s time to try my vegan version today! It uses big chunks of TSP and it’s bursting with amazing flavors!

Vegan Teriyaky Wings Asian Recipe

Vegan Butter Chick’n

Time for a change: this vegan butter chick’n is my take on the classic Indian recipe and I think it’s a real success. The sauce is simply bursting with amazing flavors!

Vegan Butter Chick’n

Vegan Kung Pao Chick’n

If you’re a fan of spicy food, then this one’s for this! This super spicy vegan Kung Pao chick’n is super healthy and easy to make. You can, of course, adjust the heat intensity as you wish.

Kung Pao Chick'n

Coconut Curry Chick’n Soup – Vegan

Here’s another special recipe for those days when you feel like eating something different. This vegan soup with faux chicken, curry and coconut milk is simply incredible!

Coconut curry chicken soup recipe

Chick’n Tofu Nuggets

Except for chicken wings, chicken nuggets are another one of my favorites! And my version of chick’n tofu nuggets made with tofu (of course) are simply addictive!

Chick'n Tofu Nuggets Recipe

Vegan Fried “Chicken”

Who needs KFC when you have this vegan fried chicken? It’s made with healthy cauliflower and a special combination of spices that will transform an apparently dull meal into a real delicacy!

vegan fried chicken kfc conopida picanta

Vegetarian Cacciatore

Are you craving something Italian? Why not skip your regular pasta dish and try this vegetarian cacciatore instead? It’s super yummy and healthy!

vegan cacciatore recipe

Vegan Chicken Tikka Masala

Let’s get back to another Indian recipe bursting with flavors: vegan chicken tikka masala! Easy, quick and so delicious if you use the right spices!

vegan tikka masala recipe tikka masala vegetarian reteta

Vegan Stir-Fry with “Chicken” and Noodles

I always love a good stir-fry and this vegan version with “chicken” and noodles is one of my forever favorites! It’s SO, so good, especially if you use a yummy stir-fry sauce!

Vegan Stir-Fry cu soia si legume

Grilled Vegan “Chicken” Burger + Vegan BBQ Video!

In the mood for a summer burger? This grilled vegan chicken burger is perfect for a BBQ summer day with your loved ones!

vegan chicken burger fries

Vegetarian / Vegan Faux Beef Recipes

Vegan Goulash Soup

Goulash is a classic Hungarian soup and one of my favorite soup-stew combos! It’s filling, quick, and bursting with paprika flavor. Give it a try!

Vegan goulash soup comfort food

Vegan Beef Bourguignon

Here’s another unique French recipe turned vegan: Beef Bourguignon. A great idea if you’re in the mood fo some comfort food today or during the weekend!

Vegan Beef Bourguignon stew reteta vegana

Vegetarian / Vegan Faux Fish Recipes

Faux Tuna Salad / Vegan ‘Tuna’ Sandwiches

If I think about it, I think I prefer this vegan tuna salad to the original! It’s lighter than real tuna and it goes perfectly in sandwiches. But you don’t have to take my word to it, just try it for yourself and you’ll see!

Faux Tuna Salad Recipe

Vegan Fish and Chips

Yup, you can make vegan fish and chips that looks and taste like real fish! You just need some tofu pieces and some nori sheets and the magic will be done in no time!

Vegan Fish and Chips recipe peste prajit vegan

Vegan Salmon – 2 ways!

Vegan salmon? Yep, it’s possible too! These two recipes for vegan salmon are simply incredible and you can choose making your favorite one – with tomatoes or with carrots!

how to make vegan salmon from carrots sandwich

Vegan Scallops with Pea Puree and “Bacon” Bits

Not impressed yet?! Then these vegan scallops with pea puree and bacon bits will surely convince you! It’s so unique and delicious, trust me!

Vegan Scallops with Pea Puree Scoici de post reteta

Vegetarian / Vegan Faux Bacon Recipes

Vegan Bacon – 5 ways!

I’ll leave you droolling with another combo recipe: 5 different ways of making bacon. Each of them equally delicious and healthy. Just pick your favorite and head over to the kitchen!

vegan bacon 5 recipes easy